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Grab Your Stretchy Pants, Pizza Hut's New Crust Is Surrounded By 28 Mini Hot Dogs

Yup, you read that right.

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Like pizza? Like hot dogs? Well, you're in luck, because Pizza Hut has just announced their new Hot Dog Bites Pizza.

Pizza Hut

"The large one-topping pizza, featuring 28 premium hot dog bites baked into the crust, is served with a side of French’s mustard for $11.99," a Pizza Hut news release explains of the gluttonous dish.

The pizza hybrid is similar to Australian Pizza Hut's "Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza." The American version is set to make its stateside debut June 18.

Pizza Hut / Via

The company tweeted the announcement earlier today, and so far reactions have been mixed.

It’s real. Hot Dog Bites Pizza. 6.18.15. #HotDogPizza

Some people were overjoyed.

@pizzahut I'm not sure I'm worthy of something this awesome.

Others were horrified.

And some were a bit confused.

@pizzahut @jennabrom I love hot dogs, and I LOVE pizza, but I'm not sure about this.

We'll just have to wait and see if this pizza and hot dog marriage will go the distance.

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