"Game Of Thrones" Fans Are Mad The Battle Of Winterfell Episode Was Too Dark, Literally Dark

    This episode is dark and full of terror.

    This post may contain spoilers — if you haven't seen Season 8, Episode 3 it's best to leave now.

    So it finally happened. The Battle of Winterfell is in the books, and it was nothing short of extraordinary.

    While there were a ton of elements in the episode fans keyed in on, there was one that really seemed to stand out. The episode was dark.

    The episode is very suspenseful but also, I can’t see shit. It’s too dark. #GoT

    Not necessarily dark in tone (although it was), but literally dark. Devoid of light.

    GOT spoiler without context Oh you can’t see anything? Thats cause the episode was dark af😒#GameOfThrones

    It was really hard to see.

    me tryna make sense of what’s going on with all these dark scenes #GOT

    Like, really hard.

    Me trying to see who’s fighting whom in the dark. #GameofThrones

    I get that the battle was at night, but still.

    Us trying to make out what’s happening ‘cause the lighting is too damn dark. #GameOfThrones

    Even with the brightness turned up, it was still a struggle.

    me trying to figure out who’s getting killed because this episode is so dimly lit #GOT

    Most people agreed. The show was just too dimly lit.

    @giffian @GameOfThrones @HBO Yeah. That's too dark. 😏

    I guess it did serve a purpose.

    Best part of this episode is that it’s so dark I can’t really see anything to make me too scared. #GameofThrones #BattleOfWinterfell

    At least we found out what Beric Dondarrion was really meant for.

    Beric Dondarrion finally revealing his purpose in this series and it is to use his flame sword to light up some way-too-dark battle scenes

    He did have a little help, though.

    I would like to thank Melisandre for increasing the lighting in this episode by 100 #GameofThrones #GoT

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