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Fyre Festival's Andy King Has Responded To The Blowjob Memes

Andy King is the real MVP.

If you've seen the Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened on Netflix one moment really stands out. In one scene Fyre producer Andy King claimed Fyre founder Billy McFarland approached him and asked him to give a customs official a blowjob in exchange for drinking water for the festival.

King went to the officials' office fully ready to give him a blowjob. The whole act proved to be unnecessary, and King was designated as a hero by the internet for what he was willing to do.

I’ve given FYRE FESTIVAL much of my time today but this scene TOOK ME OUT!!! #TakeOneForTheTeam

However, with the internet being what it is the memes came fast and were not in short supply.

Just when you thought the Fyre memes were done...

Like this job interview scenario.

Job Interviewer: Describe a situation when you went above and beyond for a customer? Me:

Or these Evian memes.

The best Andy King, Evian related memes from Fyre Fest. #fyrefraud

The memes all play on the notion that King was willing to go above and beyond to get things done.

Day 33 of the government shutdown and only one man can save us and end this shutdown. You ready to take one for the team, Andy King? #FyreFestivalDocumentary

Some of them even rhymed.

Fyre memes are my new favorite thing.

They have been everywhere.

Imagine being the face of “yo, I’m willing to do ANYTHING...”


People please watch the fyre festival documentary on Netflix. I need more friends to laugh at memes with me.

Well, earlier today Netflix tweeted this interview with King. He starts by saying he was "blown away" with the reaction to the documentary.

Andy King has seen all of your FYRE Fest memes — and he loves them!

He also stated that he isn't on social media and didn't know what a meme was pronouncing it "me-me."

He was a good sport about his virality and added that with this new found viral fame he wanted to spin it into something positive especially to help the local Bahamians affected by the Fyre Festival.

One of our biggest goals, obviously, is paying back all the people in the Bahamas. If I could drive positive influences and a lot of positive energy towards social and environmental impact, then I think I can utilize this moment to do a lot of good.

Andy King is the real MVP.