These 21 AirPods Memes Will Make You Laugh And Feel Wealthy

    “Top 10 richest people: Airpod users"

    If you've been on the internet lately you might have noticed lots of memes about Apple AirPods. Basically, all the memes equate having AirPods with being extravagantly rich and flaunting it.

    They are numerous as they are funny.


    airpod users welcoming new members who received them for christmas

    Here are 21 of the best ones.

    1. This list of the world's richest people.

    “Top 10 richest people 1. Airpod users 2. Amazon CEO 3. Bill Gates 4. People who refuse to shop at Walmart 5. Mark Zuckerburg 6. Jay-Z 7. People who say "let's get this bread" 8. Floyd Mayweather 9. Oprah 10. People with either "💰" or "💵" in their bio”

    2. These high-class dogs.

    I know these dogs have AirPods

    3. This class system.

    high class: air pods middle class: tide pods lower class: juul pods

    4. This warning.

    me when i finally get my airpods

    5. This power move.

    sometimes i wear my airpods without playing music in them just so people know i’m superior to them


    no one : .. someone with AirPods :

    7. This very tough choice.

    Would you rather have 1 Billion Dollars, but you could never own AirPods. OR Be an AirPod owner

    8. This welcoming to the elite.

    I hope a lot of your AirPod haters get AirPods for Christmas so y’all can stop talking shit and finally join the wealthiest society on this planet

    9. This aptly smelling room.

    *First day wearing airpods* Me:

    10. This welcome message to the 1 %.

    Just bought some AirPods and then I got a call from Bill Gates asking to hang out this weekend, it feels nice being in the top 1%

    11. This observation.

    People who have AirPods looking at regular earphones:

    12. This statement.

    13. This hater call out.

    14. This declaration.

    me: people with airpods:

    15. This grand entrance.

    How people with AirPods walk into the room

    16. This justified complaint.

    @TrevWall Me flexing my AirPods with 6.95$ in my bank account

    17. The sound of wealth.

    anyone: h- someone with airpods:

    18. This interesting flex (click through).

    man i can’t tell if i like my background color or not. what y’all think?

    19. This posturing.

    I wear my AirPods around the house just to make sure everyone knows who runs shit in these ends

    20. The true guide on how to act with AirPods in.

    everyone who gets airpods this year for christmas

    21. And finally, this early present.

    So uh Chloe has known I’ve wanted airpods for Christmas, so she made them for me. All by herself