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27 Things People Who Went To High School In Texas Will Understand

No, you didn't ride a horse to school.

1. Regardless of where you went to school, football fever was a very real thing.

2. Which was great, because pep rallies were an excuse to get out early and show some school spirit.

3. And homecoming week meant mums GALORE, along with the nonstop sound of cowbells in the hall.

4. Whataburger was your go-to spot to eat after school...

5. ...and you or one of your friends stole an order number every single time you went.

6. If it wasn't Whataburger, you went to Sonic for its happy hour drink special.

7. And if you were at a rural Sonic, seeing horses at the drive-thru wasn't totally out of the ordinary.

8. You looked forward to spring break, because it usually fell around the same time as the livestock show and rodeo.

9. Or you were one of the kids who went to Port A or South Padre Island before you were in college.

10. STAAR testing was literally the worst part of the entire year.

11. If you lived in a big city, you probably hit up a club downtown for teen night.

Rich's in Houston and Cowboys in San Antonio were where dreams came true.

12. And if you lived in a smaller town, cruising was a perfectly acceptable weekend activity.

Gramercy Pictures

Driving around with no particular place to go.

13. Chances are, you've heard the "horse to school" joke at least a thousand times.

If I had a dime for every time I’ve been asked this..

And it wasn't funny the first 999 times you heard it either.

14. If you earned a letterman, you better believe you wore it with pride.

15. And the sight of a blue corduroy jacket will forever remind you of FFA.

16. Oh, and if you were involved in any extracurricular activity, you better believe your parents put a sign in the yard to let everyone know.

They can't hide their pride.

17. Regardless of where you went to school, chances are there were more than a few trucks in your school parking lot.

18. When you started classes in August, the heat was still beyond unbearable.

A Heat Advisory is in effect for much of N Texas through 7:00 PM Friday. Stay hydrated, check on kids & neighbors.

They have snow days up north, but can Texas get some heat days?

19. And the rest of the year, you had no idea on how to dress for school, because Texas weather is as unpredictable as it gets.

Just be sure to bring a jacket, umbrella, shorts, and rain boots.

20. If you played sports, you knew that freshman initiation was a very real and scary thing.

Gramercy Pictures

And you lived for the days when the tables would be turned.

21. At some point in your scholastic career, you've taken a class field trip to the Alamo.

22. And there was always some kind of club selling candies at school to raise money for those trips.

23. You've seen your share of senior pictures in a field of bluebonnets.

Flickr: samuel_belknap Creative Commons

To be honest bluebonnets are beautiful so who wouldn't?

24. Whether your school was in the city or country, there was definitely a cowboy clique.

25. Most school dances included some version of the "Boot Scootin' Boogie."

26. And prom was the one dance you looked forward to the most.

27. So even though you knew that in many ways, your education was unique...

We have high school football stadiums bigger than the state of Rhode Island

...your high school experience was bigger and better because it was in Texas.


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