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25 Things No One Tells You About Moving To Texas

The stars at night really are big and bright.

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2. ... And you'll finally understand the hype behind homecoming mums.

Sometimes literally.

3. The heat is beyond anything you've ever experienced.

Heat Index [feels-like] Forecast for Wednesday (Heat Stroke Prevention Day). Watch 3 News

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Heat Index [feels-like] Forecast for Wednesday (Heat Stroke Prevention Day). Watch 3 News

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5. They don't play around when it comes to BBQ.

6. And once you have authentic Tex-Mex you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

7. It will become blatantly clear that chips and queso are the state's unofficial appetizer.

8. You'll learn that the regional beers are unique, and nothing short of amazing.

Shiner Bock, Ziegen Bock, Lone Star, and Deep Ellum IPA to name a few.


11. People don't actually ride their horses everywhere...

Well, most of the time.


19. It will feel like almost every other vehicle on the road is a truck.

Texas is the nation's largest market for truck manufactures.

20. Road trips across the state will feel like road trips across the country.

The state is big, really big.


21. You'll discover that boots are pretty fashionable, and that most residents own at least one pair.

Some stereotypes are kind of true.

22. The regional snacks may seem odd at first...

23. ... But taste absolutely amazing.

24. You find out that the state has a rich and storied history.

Remember the Alamo!

25. You'll realize that Texans are pretty damn proud.

And after a while, you'll be proud to be a Texan, too.