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    These Are The IRL Versions Of 56 Iconic Disney Characters

    True work of art.

    Over the years, Finnish artist Jirka VÀÀtÀinen has blessed us with illustrations of Disney characters to show what they would look like in real life. His work is nothing short of spectacular.

    He's done everyone from princes, to dads, to villains, and everyone in between.

    Here are 56 of his most iconic Disney characters.


    1. Aurora β€” Sleeping Beauty

    2. Ariel β€” The Little Mermaid

    3. Belle β€” Beauty and the Beast

    4. Cinderella β€” Cinderella

    5. Elsa β€” Frozen

    6. Jasmine β€” Aladdin

    7. Merida β€” Brave

    8. Pocahontas β€” Pocahontas

    9. Moana β€” Moana

    10. Mulan β€” Mulan

    11. Rapunzel β€” Tangled

    12. Snow White β€” Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

    13. Tiana β€” The Princess and the Frog


    14. Prince Adam (the Beast) β€” Beauty and the Beast

    15. Aladdin β€” Aladdin

    16. Prince Charming β€” Cinderella

    17. Prince Eric β€” The Little Mermaid

    18. Flynn Rider β€” Tangled

    19. Hercules β€” Hercules

    20. John Smith β€” Pocahontas

    21. Kristoff β€” Frozen

    22. Li Shang β€” Mulan

    23. Naveen β€” The Princess and the Frog

    24. Peter Pan β€” Peter Pan

    25. The Prince β€” Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

    26. Prince Phillip β€” Sleeping Beauty

    27. Tarzan β€” Tarzan


    28. Captain Hook β€” Peter Pan

    29. Cruella de Vil β€” 101 Dalmatians

    30. Anastasia and Drizella β€” Cinderella

    31. Evil Queen β€” Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

    32. Frollo β€” The Hunchback of Notre Dame

    33. Hades β€” Hercules

    34. Hans β€” Frozen

    35. Gaston β€” Beauty and the Beast

    36. Jafar β€” Aladdin

    37. Lady Tremaine β€” Cinderella

    38. Maleficent β€” Sleeping Beauty

    39. Mother Gothel β€” Tangled

    40. Ursula β€” The Little Mermaid


    41. Cassim β€” Aladdin and the King of Thieves

    42. King Triton β€” The Little Mermaid

    43. Chief Powhatan β€” Pocahontas

    44. Tarzan's Dad β€” Tarzan

    45. Zeus β€” Hercules


    46. Alice β€” Alice In Wonderland

    47. Anna β€” Frozen

    48. Esmerelda β€” The Hunchback of Notre Dame

    49. Jane β€” Tarzan

    50. Kocoum β€” Pocahontas

    51. Megara β€” Hercules

    52. Nakoma β€” Pocahontas

    53. Phoebus β€” The Hunchback of Notre Dame

    54. Thomas β€” Pocahontas

    55. Tinkerbell β€” Peter Pan

    56. Wendy β€” Peter Pan

    For more amazing artwork, be sure to check out Jirka’s website and Instagram account!


    Chief Powhatan was misidentified as Kocoum in an earlier version of this post. Thank you to our commenters for catching that.

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