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36 Nature Photos That Prove Texas Is Not Just Tumbleweeds

It's a whole other world, y'all.

1. To all the people that assume Texas is a desert wasteland. How many deserts look like this?


Seguin, TX

2. Or have natural pools like this?

Flickr: dawilson277853398 / Creative Commons

Dripping Springs, Texas

3. As for being dry? Much of Texas is the opposite of that.


Uncertain, Texas

4. It has everything from flowing streams...

Flickr: jimnix / Creative Commons

Gruene, Texas

5. To scenic rivers...

Flickr: bobdees / Creative Commons

San Marcos, TX

6. To captivating waterfalls...

Flickr: mcalderon / Creative Commons

McKinney State Park

Austin, TX

7. And massive city lakes.



8. Even the swamps are pretty.

9. Nothing beats a sunrise in the bayou.


Needville, TX

10. Or the wildlife.

Flickr: sarowen / Creative Commons

Damon, TX

11. Contrary to popular belief Texas is not flat either: It has enormous rocks.

Flickr: cvreeland / Creative Commons

Enchanted Rock, TX

12. Along with deep cutting canyons.


Big Bend, TX

13. Photo worthy mountaintop sunsets.


Big Bend, TX

14. The views are worth the climb.

Flickr: atbaker

Big Bend, TX

15. Only in Texas will you find amazing colonies of bats aboveground.

Flickr: shewhopaints / Creative Commons

Ausitn, TX

16. And vast beauty below.


San Antonio,TX

17. People say the state doesn't have seasons. They couldn't be more wrong.


Vanderpool, TX

18. It has colorful foliage in fall.

Flickr: npelletier_photography / Creative Commons

Wichita Falls, TX

19. Long covered walking trails in the spring.

Flickr: danielray / Creative Commons

Needville, TX

20. Beautiful swimming holes to cool yourself off in the summer.

Flickr: paddymurphy / Creative Commons

Wimberley, TX

21. And every once in a while a mysterious white powder falls from the skies in the winter.

Flickr: stevenm_61 / Creative Commons

North Richland Hills, TX

22. Fog is not just something you see in London — Texas has its fair share of mystic haze.

Flickr: dawilson / Creative Commons

Austin, TX

23. Along with epic storms.

Flickr: carenmack / Creative Commons

Dallas, TX



Vega, TX

25. Don't forget about the 367 miles of coastline.

Flickr: chemisti / Creative Commons

Port Aransas, TX

26. You can catch an amazing sunset.


Seabrook, TX

27. Have a light house show you the way.

Flickr: revjim / Creative Commons

Point Bolivar, Texas

28. Remember, nothing comes close to the beauty of the coast.


Galveston, TX

29. Oh, Texas has deserts too, and they're awesome.

Flickr: smreilly / Creative Commons

Chihuahuan Desert, Texas

30. They have their own version of wildlife.

31. And select pieces of high end art.

Flickr: lifeontheedge / Creative Commons

Marfa, TX

32. The Lone Star State is known for its rolling plains.

http://hFlickr: drriss

Silverton, TX

33. With amber waves of grain.

Flickr: amarilloposters / Creative Commons

Vega, Texas

34. Where nothing goes to waste.

Flickr: fpat / Creative Commons

Amarillo, TX

35. Few things match the beauty of a Texas evening.

Flickr: jeffwspencer / Creative Commons

Lago Vista, TX

36. The stars at night truly are big and bright.

Flickr: paulnich / Creative Commons

Gillispie, TX

So wherever your travels may take you.

Flickr: jmtimages / Creative Commons

Mason County, TX

Hopefully, one day they'll lead you here.

Flickr: justinjensen / Creative Commons

Austin, TX

God Bless Texas!

Flickr: sarowen / Creative Commons

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