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27 Men's Undercuts That Will Awaken You Sexually

The cutting edge of hotness.

1. The man who can make literally anything look good.

2. Soccer star Olivier Giroud and his precisely placed hair part.

Jean Catuffe / Getty
Jean Catuffe / Getty

Looks like soccer isn't his only talent.

Le Parisien

3. The classically groomed Robbie Rogers.

4. Michael Pitt and his slicked-back sexiness.


5. The incomparably beautiful Justin Timberlake.

Louic Venance / Getty

6. This golden god.

7. This lovely man in nature.

Lukas Sowada / Scene

8. This bearded boy wonder.

9. A stoically handsome Cristiano Ronaldo.

Mike Hewitt / Getty



10. This stunning silver fox.

11. The man who has looks that can kill.

12. This SPECtacular stud muffin.

13. The guy who doesn't even have to try to be cool.

14. This god of great hair color.

15. This gorgeous example of what a man should look like.

Bobby Day

16. T.O.P who looks great as a brunette and a blond.

Universal Music Japan
Universal Music Japan

This beautiful tattooed beast man.

17. Smooth soccer stud Ciro Immobile and his one-sided wave.

Valerio Pennicino / Getty
Claudio Villa / Getty

18. The tatted-up tasty boy.

19. The ruggedly handsome Travis Cadeau.

20. Clark Bockelman and his luscious golden locks.


21. This well-dressed gent.

22. This pink-laden pretty boy.

Marc Jacobs

23. Scruffy Adam Levine who has mastered the art of all things concerning hair.

Neilson Barnard / Getty

24. This oh-so-stylish man.

Ben Toms / W13

25. This sexy and confident early riser.

Hopefully he's not the only thing rising in the morning.

26. Legendary crooner Ricky Martin.

27. And of course the one undercut to rule them all, David Beckham.

Michael Steele / Getty
Jose Luis Gardia Peniado / H&M

Long live the king!!!!

Glen Luchford / H&M

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