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    Arya Stark's Moves Have Inspired Fans In A New, Viral Challenge

    Not today death, not today.

    You know the deal, if you're not caught up on Game Of Thrones click out now because:


    We all know Arya Stark is super skilled with a blade and in the last Game of Thrones episode she proved that on the biggest stage by turning the Night King into a low budget snowcone.


    What was even more impressive is how she did it. When she jumped at the Night King with the knife in hand he caught her in air and started choking her. Without missing a beat she dropped the knife, caught it with her free hand and buried it in his chest. The whole move was smooth as silk.


    She's also done it as Maisie Williams choreographing the scene with Gwendoline Christie.


    She's not a stranger to the move as she's done it sparring with Brienne of Tarth at Winterfell.


    Every time she does it her execution is flawless.


    Well, people have been both inspired and are doing their own versions of the move and sharing it on Twitter with the hashtags #aryachallenge, #thearya, and #nottoday.

    The versions are varied and creative.

    Episode 3 spoiler without content #GameofThrones #BattleOfWinterfell #AryaChallenge

    Like this lacrosse athlete from West Point celebrating a great game.

    Nichtern says #NotToday Holy Cross😤 With his six assists today, the rookie is tied for first in Army’s single-season assists record with 45👏 #GoArmy #FamilyToughnessTradition

    Or this guy combing his hair.

    Tenía que hacerlo. :v #AryaChallenge #JuegodeTronos #juegodetronos8x03 #GameofThrones #AryaStark #KingOfTheNight

    This guy decided to do it with his toothbrush.

    This guy even appears to be doing it at work.

    #Aryachallenge #woah #GameofThrones @yamayeet

    This guy even worked it into his snack time.

    Whatever the context we can be sure that Arya Stark is proud to have an impact.


    Not today death, not today.

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