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A Husband Took To Drawing Little Moments Of Love With His Wife

Love is the little things.

Andrew Hou is a Seoul-based illustrator who uses art to document the precious moments of love he shares with his wife, Kate.

When the pair met five years ago, Andrew had a hard time communicating with Kate.

That was further compounded by the fact that Kate is Korean and Andrew is Chinese, and he struggled with the Korean language.

To bridge the communication gap Andrew started sending Kate little doodles via text to show how much he appreciated her.

He told BuzzFeed the exchange started off with quick "scribbles" he would draw during work.

"Over time, it became small collections of all these sappy drawings I saved up in the computer," he said. "I decided to upload it as a blog just as a little recollection of our memories and events together. "

The blog soon expanded into a bigger site called HJ-Story — HJ being the first two initials of Kate's Korean name.

Hou also has a Facebook an Instagram page where he shares his work.

Andrew says the inspiration for each illustration continues to be his wife Kate.

"Because I was never good with words, I tried to express my feelings in the form of drawing," he said. "In the process of doing so, each drawing helps me to think about and remember the importance of all the little special moments in life what we sometimes can easily forget."

Hou says that drawing the happy moments him and Kate share has helped him become a more positive person.

He also said the drawings serve as a type of relationship diary. "I often go back and read the early episodes myself as a constant reminder of the emotions and happy thoughts behind the drawings," he said.

He says the response to the series has been overwhelmingly positive.

"I only wish that everyone can sometimes just take a step back and focus less on all the negative and bitterness in our daily lives, and give more attention to all the little precious happy moments in life," he said.