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    52 Reasons You Should Never Visit The United States

    Land of the free and home of the BLEH.

    1. A lot of people are under the impression that America is a gorgeous country.

    2. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    3. The entire nation is devoid of beauty.

    4. Nothing is really scenic.

    5. And most places aren't even worth looking at.

    6. The crudeness starts in New England.

    7. It's essentially EW-England.

    8. It offers nothing unique to look at.

    9. It's just a mush of tired landscapes.

    10. With nothing of worth to offer.

    11. As you move across the country it somehow manages to get worse.

    12. It has horrid-looking places like the South.

    13. It's a region that is very hard on the eyes.

    14. It totally lacks any history.

    15. And is devoid of charm.

    16. It leaves so much to be desired.

    17. It's just an ugly mess of swamps and backwoods.

    18. So much MEH.

    19. Who in their right mind would actually want to go there?

    20. Then there is the unsightly Midwest.

    21. More like MIDWORST!

    22. It's sooo dull-looking.

    23. Totally featureless.

    24. Every area looks exactly like the one before it.

    25. Nothing but amber waves of plain.

    26. Even the wildlife is nothing out of the ordinary.

    27. The country gets worse the farther west you go.

    28. It has piss-poor excuses for ponds.

    29. Terribly polluted countrysides.

    30. And is lacking in open space.

    31. The rest of the country is just humdrum landscapes...

    32. ...and painfully mundane countryside.

    33. Then you have places like California, which is a flat desert wasteland.

    34. And farther north, Washington, which isn't much better.

    35. If you can, avoid all major cities. They are terrible and bland.

    36. Nothing exciting ever happens here.

    37. They're all so grimy and dirty.

    38. And there are no monuments or landmarks to speak of.

    39. Oh, and if you can, stay away from the coasts, they are the ABSOLUTE worst!!!

    40. They are empty and boring...

    41. ...and totally featureless.

    42. Nothing on this country's coasts is unique.

    43. Nope, nothing.

    44. Above all, avoid taking a road trip.

    45. Every area looks just like the one before it.

    46. It's essentially the United States of Boring.

    47. No amount of Instagram filters can make this place look good.

    48. You have places that are equally ugly above ground... they are below.

    49. "America the Beautiful" was a lie!

    50. If you're not convinced that United States isn't one of the ugliest countries ever...

    51. ...then you don't know what revolting is.

    52. Avoid America at all costs.