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Cancel Your Plans, Olive Garden Is Going To Offer Breadstick Sandwiches

We all knead this.

Everyone knows the best part of going to Olive Garden is the unlimited breadsticks.

Olive Garden


Well, starting June 1, Olive Garden is going to start offering BREADSTICK SANDWICHES.

Just when you thought breadsticks couldn't get any better... Introducing the Breadstick Sandwich, coming this summer!

Jeff Smith, an investor at Starboard Value, which has a stake in the restaurants, made the announcement Sunday on the online show Wall Street Weeks.

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"I say, 'Hi, I'm Jeff Smith, I'm from Starboard Value, and I love unlimited breadsticks,'" he said. "We're going to use that great brand equity and we're about to come out with breadstick sandwiches. ... Chicken parm on breadsticks?"

Yup, chicken parmesan on breadsticks.

Warner Bros.

The company also made headlines last year for another slightly crazy promotion, when they offered unlimited pasta passes for seven weeks.

When breadsticks get upgraded, we all win!

While Olive Garden continues to offer unlimited breadsticks, the restaurant will not be offering unlimited breadstick sandwiches.