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25 Reasons You Should Never Visit Texas

Nothing to see here.

1. Everyone seems to think that Texas is a some kind of natural paradise.

2. They couldn't be more wrong.

3. It's not pretty at all.

4. Seasons aren't even a thing here.

5. It's a land of perpetual summer...

6. ...and spring is pretty much nonexistent.

7. The landscapes are completely underwhelming.

8. I mean, who would actually want to see this?

9. Or this?

10. It's just a dry desert wasteland.

11. Seriously, it's sooo dry!

12. The whole state is pretty much flat...

13. ...and most of the land is completely featureless.

14. The beaches are gross...

15. ...and the rivers are a huge letdown.

16. Road trips through the state are a total drag.

17. There is absolutely nothing to see.

18. The cities aren't that great...

19. ...and some are flat-out ugly.

20. The sunsets are unremarkable...

21. ...and the night sky is painfully dull.

22. The wildlife is nothing out of the ordinary.

23. I mean, this is JUST a cat.

24. Seriously, don't come to Texas.

25. Its total lack of beauty will only let you down.