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    This Mom Made A Baby Announcement With IVF Treatment Drugs

    "My goal isn't for this to be about me, but to be about the community of men and women struggling with this disease and offering support."

    Macy Rodeffer is a 23-year-old birth photographer from Illinois.

    Macy Rodeffer

    In March 2012, after three months of marriage to her husband, Tyler, Rodeffer found out she was pregnant.

    However, one week later she miscarried, she told BuzzFeed News. In the summer of 2013, she found out she was pregnant again, but then miscarried early in the pregnancy.

    In December of that year, the couple decided to go to a fertility specialist.

    It was there, Rodeffer said, that the couple found out that male factor infertility, stage IV endometriosis, and a large cyst on her left ovary would make it very difficult for her to carry a child to term.

    After having the cyst removed, Rodeffer decided she would undergo in vitro fertilization in pursuit of her dream of having a child.

    Macy Rodeffer

    In the process of going through treatment, she also started an Instagram account and blog to chronicle her journey and offer a place for support and resources for couples experiencing the same thing.

    The two accounts chronicled the ups and downs of going through the various IVF drug cycles in a candid and honest way.

    Macy Rodeffer
    Macy Rodeffer

    After years of undergoing treatment, Rodeffer found out in January that she was pregnant.

    Macy Rodeffer

    Overjoyed at finally being pregnant, Rodeffer decided to include her IVF pill bottles and syringes in her baby announcement photo in April.

    Macy Rodeffer

    Rodeffer said she knew this was how she wanted to make the announcement, and had been saving her vials and syringes for the perfect shot.

    Macy Rodeffer

    "I know how much pregnancy announcements hurts for someone going through infertility," she said. "I was adamant that my announcement not only show my joy and thankfulness, but also the struggle that it took to get there."

    She added that she wanted to acknowledge the struggle that anyone dealing with infertility goes through.

    "So many people struggle for so much longer and lose so much more, I know," she said. "My goal isn't for this to be about me, but to be about the community of men and women struggling with this disease and offering support."

    Since the announcement, Rodeffer said people have been offering her love and support. They also have been sharing their own stories of dealing with IVF.

    Macy Rodeffer

    The mom-to-be said ultimately she wants the announcement to show other people dealing with infertility that they are supported.

    "I want them to know that they are not alone and that, despite the callous comments I know they get every day, there are many more who do understand," Rodeffer said. "The infertility community, and it is a community, is strong and there for support. To cheer you on and celebrate with you at the finish line."

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