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A Woman Was Caught Attempting To Smuggle A Refugee In A Suitcase

A 22-year-old Moroccan woman was detained after the man was found crammed inside the suitcase and requiring immediate medical treatment.

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In recent years, Ceuta, a Spanish city located in Morocco separated from the mainland by the Strait of Gibraltar, has served as a hub for sub-Saharan African refugees trying to make their way to Europe.

The Guardia Civil in Ceuta said that the woman raised suspicions when officials noticed her being evasive and showing signs of nervousness while carrying the luggage on a trolly.

When they confronted her and opened the suitcase, they found a man curled up inside the poorly ventilated case needing immediate medical treatment.

An estimated 1,100 migrants also tried to rush Ceuta's border fence on Sunday, with many of them apprehended and returned to Morocco, the BBC reported.

And on Monday, another woman was arrested after Spanish border police found two more migrants hidden in false compartments built into the car she was driving from Morocco.

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