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A Guy Got An Amazing Birthday Card From His Dad 16 Years After Passed Awaay

Love knows no boundaries.

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Normally a birthday card from a parent isn't a huge deal, except for the fact that Lenfert's father passed away in 1999 — after battling liver and lung cancer for a year and a half.

Lenfert said that this wasn't the first time he's received a card since his father's passing. "He bought several cards when he knew he was going to pass away, and had my mom keep them in a lockbox in the bank."

Jace Lenfert

He also received cards for his 13th birthday (the first one without him), 20th, 21st, 25th, and now this one, but it had been five years since the last one and he had forgotten about the tradition.


The card, and support from the Reddit community, helped bring his family closer together. "[We were] reading comments and we had a conversation about Dad, which we don't do very often really," Lenfert said. "It's just been a really happy time for us."

Since posting the picture of the card, Lenfert says the overall reaction has been "overwhelmingly positive."

Jace Lernfert

"A lot of people told me it made them tear up. I got so many comments and messages from people saying how it moved them to do something similar or go see/call their parents to talk to them," he said.

His birthday was much more special thanks to his dad's presence, he added.

"Seeing something he had, he touched, and he signed himself was like having him there with me to celebrate my birthday. All the things and events I did and thought, I wish dad were here to see this, it felt like this time, he was. It was such a wonderful feeling. I was so happy."