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A Judge Ordered This Teen To Walk For 30 Miles Or Go To Jail For Stiffing A Taxi Driver

Sometimes you just have to walk the walk.

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In the past, Cicconetti gave a woman convicted of assault for pepper-spraying her victim a choice: Spend 30 days in jail or get pepper-sprayed herself. She chose the latter. The judge also ordered a person convicted of DUI to view the bodies of crash victims.

When it came to Bascom, Cicconetti also gave her an option: Spend 30 days in jail, or walk 30 miles in 48 hours. This past weekend, with her geotracker attached, Bascom walked her punishment at the local fairgrounds.


In addition to the walk, Bascom was ordered to pay the driver $100 in restitution and serve four months of probation.

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