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Hipster Santa Is The Coolest Santa You'll Ever Meet

He was into Christmas before it was mainstream.

When most people think of Santa Claus, they recall an image of a jovial old man dressed in a red and white pajama suit.

Hasloo / Getty Images

Well, you can scrub that image from your head, because Pioneer Place Mall in Portland, Oregon, is featuring a hipster Santa.

KOIN 6 News

Of course it's in Portland.

This Santa comes complete with a man bun, thick-rimmed glasses, a beard, and a sweater that resembles the one The Dude wore.

KOIN 6 News
Gramercy Pictures

This Santa also uses a bike to get around and probably prefers that you leave him artisan, gluten-free, non-GMO cookies, along with locally sourced organic milk on Christmas Eve.

KOIN 6 News

Some of the kids look less than thrilled, but if you want to see him, local CBS affiliate KOIN 6 reports that hipster Santa is available for pictures on Tuesdays.

KOIN 6 News

Happy Holidays!

KOIN 6 News

For more on hipster Santa, check out this video.

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