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25 Secrets Nurses Will Never Tell You

Just be patient.

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1. What they say about doctors' handwriting is pretty much the truth.

What does that say?

2. Since you wear scrubs for most of your week, fashion can get a little confusing outside of work.

3. However, getting new scrubs does make you super excited.

4. As much as you love medical dramas, you know they're not an accurate portrayal of what it's like to be a nurse.

Ron Tom / Getty Images / Via ABC

5. You can also accurately point out what's wrong in the shows.

6. The smaller patients are usually the ones that pack the most punch.

They don't know their own strength.

7. Charting is a whole ’nother job altogether, and can take up a huge part of your shift.

Hours upon hours of writing.

8. Switching over from working day shifts to night shifts is the literal worst.

It's like jet lag minus the traveling.

9. Constantly misplacing a pen is a steady source of frustration.

You'll say "Where's my damn pen?!" when it's literally in your hand.

10. Most of the time, you're never fully rested for work.

11. Doctors rely heavily on nurses' knowledge and observation more than people will ever know.


Few members of the staff interact with patients more than nurses.

12. Comfortable shoes may not always look great, but they are worth their weight in gold.

When you're on your feet for 12-plus hours a day, style doesn't mean a damn thing.

13. A lot of nurses are actually men, and yes they wanted to be nurses instead of doctors.

14. You loathe the fact the people over-google all their symptoms.

15. You take chance to pee whenever you can get it.

Sometimes you may only get one chance a shift, or no chance at all.

16. Your personal vehicle also doubles as a medical storage unit.

Not to mention a couple of extra scrubs in case work gets really messy.

17. A lot of times you'll text your friends and family at 5 a.m., because that's the only instance when you're free.


18. Since your work schedule is sporadic, sometimes your Fridays are on Tuesday...

...but even then you end up spending your off time on what's most important to you.

19. When a patient or a fellow staff member is appreciative, it really does make your day.

20. If you work night shifts you fully believe that a full moon affects people's moods.

Universal Pictures

You can ALWAYS tell when it's a full moon.

21. Coffee and energy drinks are more important to you than water.

Decaf is a joke, right?

22. Hardly a shift goes by where poop is not mentioned.

23. You find it incredibly ironic when a patient with tattoos is afraid of needles.

24. You end up working through a lot of holidays, so you get creative about finding ways to celebrate.

25. Sometimes you envy the amount of free time your friends have.

So although being a nurse can be stressful...

And just like that the shift is over ☺️ #nursingproblems #rnproblems's certainly worth it.

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