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23 Confessions Abercrombie & Fitch Employees Won't Tell You

Everyone fears the corporate shoppers.

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1. All of our clothes smell like "Fierce" even when we're not at work.

Maybe because you had to spray the front of the store all the damn time.

2. We mostly work for the employee discount...

Hey, 30 to 35% is pretty hard to pass up.

3. ...but then the majority of our wardrobe becomes Abercrombie, which means the majority of our paycheck goes back to Abercrombie as well.

7. Changing floor sets is literally the bane of our existence.

Everything has to be set up at night before the store opens the next day. The whole store is diagrammed down to what the mannequins are wearing. No one leaves before 2 a.m.


10. When someone from higher up comes to visit the store, we go the extra mile to make sure everything is absolutely perfect.

Everything is color-coordinated and organized down to the last detail. Staff may spend a whole week just to prepare for a visit from a regional manager that may only last a couple of hours. Standards, standards, standards!


13. When shifts are exceptionally slow, we find clever ways to entertain ourselves in-store.

That could mean anything from selfies, to playing dress-up, to people-watching.

14. Internally, all employees are called models, but we never use that term when we tell our positions to people that don't work here.

15. Every time we leave the store we have our bags checked, and are required to lift up our pant legs to make sure we aren't stealing merchandise.

Shoplifting is no joke, and managers take it very seriously.

16. Being a male greeter means going shirtless, which is extra nerve-wracking.

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We're literally on display for everyone to see. What they don't see is the hundreds of situps we do just to stand around shirtless for six hours.


17. Working on the floor means we become folding experts, and we definitely do it with our laundry at home...

18. ...but we are always well aware that hours of folding could be undone in mere minutes.

19. Even as a seasoned employees, the poses on the bags make no sense to us.

Are these ads or porn?

20. Over time, our eyes get use to the abnormally dim lighting in the store...

22. We have a bit of a rivalry with the other mall store staples *cough, cough American Eagle.*

Hollister, Aeropostale, and Gap as well. Some stores even have competitive sporting events against each other.

23. As time goes on, we form a unique bonds with our fellow co-workers.

Because who else would we be able to share our Abercrombie antics with?