22 Reasons You Should Root For Brazil This World Cup

They put the beautiful in the “beautiful game”.

1. Even if you know virtually nothing about soccer, you probably know who this guy is.

Pelé practically invented soccer, and was named Player of the Century by FIFA for good reason: He holds the title for most career goals scored in the Guinness Book of World Records, with 1,281 goals in 1,363 games.

Seriously, look at this guy.

He helped Brazil win three of their five World Cup championships, in 1958, 1962, and 1970 (and is the only player to do that.)


2. Neymar, one of the most exciting players in the world, is playing for Brazil this World Cup.

Siphiwe Sibeko / Reuters

There’s a reason he’s making a face like that. He’s wrecking shop.

Oh, and also his hair is a sight to behold.

3. Brazilian fans do not joke around when it comes to cheering on their teams.

Sergio Moraes / Reuters


So even if you’re blah on the games, you’ll be able to see some pretty cool stuff in the stands.

For real, there are some pretty creative things going on in terms of costuming.

Jorge Silva / Reuters

Jorge Silva / Reuters

Kai Pfaffenbach / Reuters


Cool beer glasses, bro.

4. With Brazil as the host country, the passion Brazilians are known for will be especially evident.

Kai Pfaffenbach / Reuters

AP Photo/Fernando Llano


Though the anti-World Cup passion has been in evidence, as well.

5. And the goal celebrations prove that they’ve got moves.

6. Brazil’s fierce rivalry with Argentina could rile up even the most disinterested soccer fan.

Getty Images / Via i.telegraph.co.uk

There is a long history between these two countries, as this South American rivalry is considered to be one of the most intense in all of soccer.

7. Their bad blood even extends to great individual players.

Christopher Lee / Getty



Pelé and Maradona from Argentina are both considered to be two of the greatest players of all time. They have a general dislike for each other that they have never been shy about sharing.

There is no love lost.

Wikimedia Commons / Via en.wikipedia.org

8. Plus, if Argentina does play Brazil, it will likely be in the finals.

Rich Schultz / Getty

Who wouldn’t want to see a Neymar vs. Messi matchup?

9. Brazilians believe in soccer with style. Their players aren’t expected to simply score goals, they are supposed to play beautifully — joga bonito.


10. And everything they do oozes swag.

ESPN / Via youtube.com

11. Their 1970 World Cup Squad is widely considered the best team ever assembled.

El Gráfico / commons.wikimedia.org

Writers agree time and time again.

Rainbows shot from their feet every time they touched the ball. Observe:

12. Brazil has also produced the most prolific goal scorer in World Cup history: Ronaldo.

Koichi Kamoshida / Getty

He has 15 goals in 19 World Cup games. A record to behold. Also a haircut to behold.

Here’s some verifiable proof:

13. The final will be played at the iconic Maracanã stadium.

Laurence Griffiths / Getty

The Maracanã is one of the most storied venues in the world. It hosted the 1950 World Cup final, and is a notable fixture on the international scene. You can expect to see every one of the 78,000 seats in the stadium decked out in green and yellow if Brazil makes it to the final.

14. The Brazilian team has hoisted aloft that magic gold trophy five times, which is a record.

Shaun Botterill / Getty

The Brazilians won the World Cup 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, and 2002 and have five stars on their jerseys to prove it.

Yes, victory is sweet indeed.

We're gonna lift this bad boy up again this summer #forcabrasil

— LaFlamaBlanca (@RayUTE)

15. Current coach Luiz Felipe Scolari (Felipão) is a proven champion.

Daniel Kopatsch / Getty

He helped guide the team to the 2002 World Cup title and is a coaching legend.

16. Even when they lose they are still considered elite.

Brazil’s 1982 squad is widely considered one of best teams to never win a World Cup.

17. But there’s no need to worry, because they’re expected to win their group.

Brazil is currently ranked fourth in the world. Well above anyone else in Group A.

18. They will be flying in the ballerest plane of all the planes, so you know they’ll be in good spirits while playing.

It’s decorated by São Paulo artists Os Gemeos, who are known for their large-scale graffiti projects all over the world, from New York City to Lisbon. They’ve also collaborated with Banksy.

19. And they have a distinct home field advantage.

Buda Mendes / Getty

The host team has won the World Cup six out of 19 times. Those are decent odds, but when you combine that with a stacked team, iconic stadium, and passionate fan base, the home field advantage gets noticeably larger.

20. They have hosted and lost before, so redemption is in order.

The 1950 World Cup in Brazil is known for the“Maracanazo,” where Uruguay came from behind to defeat Brazil in the final. Winning the cup on their home turf will be a top priority for the Brazilians.

21. But no matter what, it quite simply isn’t the World Cup without Brazil.

Cameron Spencer / Getty

Brazil is the only country in history to participate in every single World Cup in history. The greatest sporting event in the world and the country of Brazil will always be synonymous.

22. The number one reason to root for Brazil this World Cup is simple, though: their chances of winning.

thinkstockphotos.com / Via THINKSTOCK

So sit back and get in the mood with some Brazilian jams, because it’s going to be a beautiful World Cup no matter what.

Joga bonito, everybody!

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