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    21 Times Red Forman Was The Realest Fucker On The Planet

    The real star of That ’70s Show.

    1. When he refused to be lured into an argument:

    2. When he reaffirmed Eric's future:

    3. When he graciously welcomed his new neighbors:

    4. When he explained how karma really works:

    5. When he explained the secret of having a good life:

    6. When he suggested the perfect Christmas gift:

    7. When he totally called out Darth Vader:

    8. When he outlined the limits of his love:

    9. When he found the cause of headaches:

    10. When he explained the of downside of having a cat:

    11. When he sincerely offered help:

    12. When he threw massive shade at Eric while helping Kitty with a crossword:


    13. When he was frank with Donna about her dating choices:

    14. When he outlined what makes a person responsible:

    15. When he stood up for biblical beings:

    16. When he gave his take on helping others:

    17. When he couldn't even lie to be nice:

    18. When he made sure to set the record straight:

    19. When he broke down the meaning of happiness:

    20. When he epically dressed Eric down in front of his friends:

    21. Finally, when he stated what really brings a parent joy: