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This Horrific Photo Is Prompting A New Discussion Of Violence In Mexico

"Do you remember the Syrian boy? ... Well, this is what’s happening in Mexico." WARNING: This post contains extremely graphic images.

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That fact was driven home on Friday night, when an entire family was murdered in the town of Pinotepa Nacional, on the coast of Oaxaca.

The victims, identified as Juan Alberto Pano Ramos, 24, Alba Isabel Colón, 17, and their 7-month-old child, were leaving a store when they were gunned down. The attackers remain free and their identity is unknown.

The Facebook account Solo Acapulco published an image of the child accompanied by this caption:

Facebook: solo.acapulco.9

“DO YOU REMEMBER THE SYRIAN BOY? Remember being outraged, and changing your profile picture on Facebook? Well, this is happening in Mexico, in Pinotepa Oaxaca to be precise, where DRUG TRAFFICKING KILLED THIS FAMILY INCLUDING THEIR TINY 7-MONTH-OLD ANGEL”

The image has been shared more than 49,000 times on Facebook alone.

Others have questioned the apparent moral double-standard of Mexican officials: People accuse those officials of appearing indifferent when confronted with this situation at home, when they joined in mourning deaths halfway around the world.

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@EPN @GabinoCue @hola_atizapan protest the attacks in Paris I don’t see any statement about #PinotepaNacional

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