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    These Are The Most Popular YouTube Videos Of 2016

    The most viewed, the most commented upon, and the most liked videos in a very momentous year.

    10. These brothers convincing their drugged sister that the zombie apocalypse is happening:

    This is one of the most elaborate jokes of the year. These brothers took advantage of the fact that their little sister was getting her wisdom teeth taken out and while she was still recovering from the anesthetic given to her. As she still recovering from her surgery, they made her believe that the world was being overrun by zombies.

    It's impossible not to roar with laughter at this one.

    9. Casey Neistat's ride in a $21,000 first class airplane seat:

    Casery Neistat, who you may recognize from his extreme sports videos or this commercial he did for Nike, had the good fortune to be upgraded to a seat that cost $21,000 while flying to New York from Dubai. In the video, Casey documents the entire experience, from the sliding doors, to the in-seat entertainment center, to the caviar that they offer to first class passengers.

    8. John Oliver talking about a Donald Trump presidency nine months before the elections:

    In this brilliant monologue, the British comedian discussed the potential hazards of the then aspiring presidential candidate. He referred to Trump as a "back mole," something that may be nothing but which has to be checked out.

    No matter what your politics are, you've got to hand it to John Oliver for seeing the Trump presidency coming way before anyone else did.

    7. Channing Tatum doing his best Beyoncé in a lip sync battle:

    Just wait until Beyoncé comes out. That's when everything gets out of control.

    6. The Dude Perfect dudes nailing a synchronized water bottle flip (and several other impressive bottle-flipping tricks):

    The guys from Dude Perfect take the bottle-flip challenge to the extreme. Through sunroofs, while doing front-flips, from moving cars, etc. It's just a video filled with excited hugs between bros and friendly whacks. It'll make you laugh.

    5. Grace VanderWaal's breakout performance on America's Got Talent:

    We challenge you to make it through this video of 12-year-old Grace VanderWaal with her ukulele without feeling an overwhelming urge to cry. If you've already seen it (and you probably have), go watch it again. It'll help restore some of the faith 2016 took away from you.

    4. "The Switch"–A short film from Nike starring Cristiano Ronaldo:

    Sure, it's a commercial to sell you shoes and sports clothing, but it's a really good one. Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo collides with a fan and when they wake up, they've switched personalities. The five minute commercial is inspiring and entertaining and it contains cameos from soccer celebs like Harry Kane and Anthony Martial.

    3. This dad and son discovering what makes a rattlesnake's tail rattle together:

    Dan Markham and his son Lincoln's YouTube channel explores what's inside practically everything. (Everything from a meteorite to a bowling ball.) In this video, the two open up a snake's rattle. Watch at your own risk.

    2. "Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen" aka. the strangest thing you'll watch all day:

    The most absurd and inexplicable video of the year. A song about a conversation between a pen, an apple, and a pineapple. 68 seconds of pure joy and nonsense.

    1. Adele's performance on "Carpool Karaoke" with James Corden:

    There's nothing that's more fun than singing in the car and the producers of The Late Late Show with James Corden know it. In the video, Adele tells us anecdotes of where her most famous songs came from, breaks out into a stellar rendition of "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls, raps like Nicki Minaj, and shows off her singing talent from James Corden's passenger seat.

    14 minutes that aren't wasted.

    This post was translated from Spanish.