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    19 People Who Must Be Stopped Immediately

    Some people just want to see the world burn.

    1. Whoever was responsible for painting this line.

    2. The mischievous devil that did this.

    3. The person that installed these mosaic tiles.

    4. Whoever designed these Christmas lights.

    5. This baker.

    6. The designer of this "Hannah Montana" backpack.

    7. This individual who showed no mercy ruining some poor family's evening.

    8. The psychopath that designed this impossible maze.

    9. The dark soul who sold someone a cheese stick with no cheese inside.

    10. This evil mind who surely couldn't have just dropped the ball on this one.

    11. The valet that parked these cars.

    12. Whoever designed this bus.

    13. This person who was sent to fill potholes.

    14. This Crayola employee who is on a mission...

    15. To see the world burn.

    16. Whoever printed this promotion.

    17. The evil person that put this terrible subliminal message on the elevator sign.

    18. Whoever put up this ad.

    19. And these followers of Donald Trump...

    This post was translated from Spanish.