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19 Things You Should Definitely Know If You Watch "Rick And Morty"

Warning: If you're a Jerry, this post will be too squanchy for you.

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3. Dan Harmon, the other creator of the animated series, is responsible for Community.

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One of the most innovative sitcoms in television history. The series focuses on a group of misfit characters who, for various reasons, end up studying together in the same college. The show was canceled and renewed over and over until Yahoo bought the rights to the show for its final season.

4. In several episodes of the series, Harmon flirted with the notion of ~dimensions~.


The most notable one was “Remedial Chaos Theory,” in which a perfectly normal situation, like a group of friends waiting for a delivery pizza to arrive, becomes a carousel of opportunities, from the darkest to the most irrational ones. All this with “Roxanne” by The Police playing in the background.


6. In one of their first interviews about the show, Dan Harmon referred to Rick and Morty as a mix between The Simpsons and Futurama — real life meets science fiction.

Matt Groening / Adult Swim

That's not the only similarity. Rick and Morty also makes movie and pop culture references similar to the style of Groening. From The Purge and Total Recall to the plot of Bedazzled (but much more entertaining).


10. All the voices from the first episode of Interdimensional Cable ("Rixty Minutes") were improvised.

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They were done by Justin Roiland, who also had the task of doing the voices of Rick and Morty at the same time.


It's called Jerry's Game and it's available in the App Store.

14. There's a huge resemblance between the theme songs of Rick and Morty and Dr. Who.

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18. The show's creators are obsessed with continuity.

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You can see this various times, like when Rick throws the memory parasites in the trash, or for example, the end of the first season. The house is transported to another dimension, which causes a crack in the ground. You can see this crack in the episodes in the second season.

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