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    18 Super-Sad Images That Are Guaranteed To Put Everything In Perspective On A Crappy Day

    Things could be a lot worse.

    1. Whenever you're feeling down, just think of this poor little girl and be thankful that you're not in her place:

    2. And you'll never be as alone as this person:

    3. You could have ticket 139.

    4. Or be the victim(s) of this autocorrect:

    5. You could be the only male model at this photo shoot:

    6. Or the guy who imbibed a bit too much and didn't make it to the real party.

    7. You could be this technologically challenged woman:

    8. Or this poor grandma who just didn't stand a chance:

    9. You could be an employee at Mnald's McDoM.

    10. You could be this...seventh wheel?

    11. Or the person who designed this kitchen:

    12. Whenever you're feeling lonely, consider that in this stadium there are two people who always have to sit alone at the game.

    13. You could have started the year at this senseless celebration:

    14. Or you could get home after the contractor installed the tiles in your kitchen just to find this:

    15. You could be looking for a parking spot in this parking lot designed by sadists:

    16. Or ask Santa for an iPhone and receive a...

    17. Or you could be like this chihuahua, who has everything and yet feels empty inside.

    This post was translated from Spanish.