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Here's What Happens When You Actually Make A McWhopper

We conducted a McExperiment to see if Burger King's proposed solution to world peace is worth eating.

Burger King has recently been trying to make amends with his archenemy, Ronald McDonald.

In an open letter in several U.S. newspapers, Burger King proposed a little experiment.

For a day, both companies would bring their forces together to create a new hybrid product: the McWhopper.

Half of the ingredients come from the Big Mac...

...and the other half from the Whopper.

The earnings from the hypothetical McWhopper would go directly to support Peace One Day, the organization behind the International Day of Peace on September 21st.

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Unfortunately for world peace, the CEO of McDonald's responded with a definitive "NO."

So our team in BuzzFeed Mexico decided to carry out the experiment ourselves.

First, we unwrapped the hamburgers.

Then we picked out the right ingredients from each, according to Burger King's proposal.

Finally, we put them all together into a Frankenstein burger.

...and that's what a McWhopper looks like in real life.

We were expecting this...

But this is what we got instead:

So, what does a McWhopper taste like?

Let's just say that anything goes if it has to do with world peace.