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10 Video Game Daddies That Will Make Your XP Bar Shoot Up

Come feast your eyes on these steamy high-level daddies and rack up loads of experience points!

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10. Scuba Daddy: Subject Delta - BioShock

2K Games, Inc. / Via, 2K Games, Inc. / Via, twingullies / Via

Subject Delta is the big, strong, silent type and the perfect listener. And what's sexier than a guy who’s great with kids? You know this scuba daddy can dive deep...

9. Professor Daddy: Prof. Willow - Pokémon Go

Christian Cimoroni / Via, Edo Mond / Via, T Zysk (aka Reapersun) / Via

Prof. Willow knows all the tricks to train even the naughtiest of pocket monsters. Feeling parched? Stop by for office hours and quench your thirst on this professor daddy's hydro pump!

8. Big Shooter Daddy: Barret Wallace - Final Fantasy 7

Square Enix / Via, arsenalgearxx / Via, Square Enix / Via

Barret’s big gun is just one of the many smoldering-hot things about this stud! You know you want to pop off a few rounds with this big shooter daddy.

7. Big Boss Daddy: Naked Snake - Metal Gear

Konami, p-sebae / Via, Kamui Jack / Via

Who doesn’t want this big boss daddy sneaking into their bed? We’re all just waiting for him to come out of the box, amirite?! With Naked Snake's infinite ammo, you’ll never be kept waiting for the next round.

6. Leather Daddy: Bowser - Super Mario Bros.

Nintendo / Via, Nintendo, rumzrumz / Via

Do chains and whips excite you? Bowser is the ultimate leather daddy who knows just how far to push your limits. You better choose a safeword because things are bound to get hot, Hot, HOT!

5. Sensei Daddy: Heihachi Mishima - Tekken

Namco / Via, Namco / Via, HakuryuVision / Via

Heihachi can fulfill all those deep, dark iron fist fantasies you’ve been thinking about. This sensei daddy will have you gelling his hair in no time!

4. Beast Daddy: Iron Bull - Dragon Age: Inquisition

BioWare / Via, rumzrumz / Via, ynorka / Via

Ready to ride the bull? This beast daddy is down to buck no matter what species* you are. This isn’t Iron Bull’s first rodeo, so expect things to get wild!

*no demons, #2spooky

3. Amnesia Daddy: Geralt of Rivia - The Witcher

CD Projekt RED / Via, rumzrumz / Via, @RED_gart / Via Twitter: @red_gart

No memory? No clothes? No problem! This amnesia daddy is just waiting to be uncovered and discovered. Whether it’s in the bath or on the back of a unicorn, prepared to get your monster slain by Geralt.

2. Survival Daddy: Joel Miller - The Last of Us

Naughty Dog / Via, JoJi / Via, Naughty Dog / Via

Bring on the apocalypse, baby! With this survival daddy by your side, who needs civilization? Look into those eyes--you know everything’s going to be alright when you're with Joel. Remember to bring your canteen, you’re bound to get thirsty out there!

1. Hammer Daddy: Reinhardt Wilhelm - Overwatch

Blizzard Entertainment / Via, rybiok / Via, feralise / Via

“When all you have is a hammer, everyone else is a nail.” Be still my Rein-heart! This hammer daddy is a master with his power tool, so you know Reinhardt can pin and pound for days!

Are any of your favorite gaming daddies missing from the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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