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    Watch Police Chase A Young Bear Through Downtown Anchorage

    Please watch for a suspect bearing down on your location.

    A young black bear sparked a two-hour police chase in downtown Anchorage, Alaska, and this is the moment it started.

    Once the bear was spotted, shit got real as it scurried down streets and tried longer be in downtown Anchorage.

    No time for food...

    Not even Pizza Hut...

    Literally, police chased the bear for two hours...

    The chase ended after wildlife officials were able to catch up to it and relocate the ursine visitor, police said.

    Footage of the chase was recently posted to the department's Facebook page, generating more than 1 million views.

    No one was injured during the ordeal. And while the area is no stranger to bears, police said urban encounters like the one on Thursday are rare.


    Watch the ursine drama unfold in all its glory here:

    Facebook: video.php

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