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    Travel Tips To Copenhagen, Denmark

    Denmark is one of my preferred countries in the world — it’s landscape is wonderful, it’s clean, eco-warm, still has a medieval Viking charm to it, and the historical love to have a good time (Danes usually stay out until dawn). So long as you don’t get in the shady bike lane, they are very welcoming to travelers and, each time I visit the country, I make new local friends. Accommodation – Hostel dorms begin at 210 DKK for a night, and that usually gets you a 15 person or more dorm room. Fewer dorms are around 243 DKK. Hotels in Denmark aren’t low and expect to pay 688 DKK for a night or more for good hotel. Hotels outside principal cities start around 455 DKK. Shared rooms on Airbnb can be found for around 328 DKK, while a complete apartment or home will cost closer to 910 DKK. Again, prices will be cheaper outside of the larger cities. If you’re on a budget, campsites cost between 57-95 DKK per night. To stay at any campsite, you will need to have the Camping Key Europe card. The card costs around 110 DKK. If you only plan to camp one night, you can get a theodolite card, for 38 DKK. The normal cost of food – Food in Denmark is pretty high. If you are going to eat out in an eatery, be ready to pay around 79-115 DKK for a cheap meal during lunch time. Dinner time food will be closer to 136-205 DKK, which adds up suddenly. You can find inexpensive hot dog vendors for around 25-35 DKK. Kebab and pizza shops will be your cheapest bet when it comes to eating out. As for supermarkets, expect to spend around 350 DKK per week. Netto and Lidl are the budget greengrocers, so stick to them if you can. Transportation costs – Train travel in and around Denmark range from 550 DKK. Buses start around 310 DKK. The closer you get to the trip date the higher the cost so be sure to book in progress if you can — it makes a huge variety! The train from the airport to Copenhagen station is 40 DKK. Local trains and buses are 25 DKK for a two-zone ticket. Budget flight to and from Denmark are straightforward to find as the airport is one of the significant centers in Scandinavia. Buses and trains relate to every nearby country, as well, making it a very easy country to get in and out of. Activities – Museums typically cost 70 DKK. There are some full day activities to do in this region, and most involve going out and exploring the beautiful countryside. Most day trips cost 345 DKK or more. Suggested daily budget – –355-425 DKK / 50-63 USD (Note: This is a suggested budget considering you’re staying in a hostel, eating out a few, cooking most of your eats, and making use of local transportation. Using the budget suggestions below, you can always lower this number. However, if you stay in fancier accommodation or eat out more often, expect this to be higher!)

    Copenhagen, Denmark

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