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    Orlando theme parks – Walt Disney World and Universal Studios – is always crowded every day of the year. For different families, March holiday/Spring Break is best time for a mysterious (and sunny) getaway with the kids. With thousands of families traveling to the theme park center of the world over the next few days, good planning and a few insightful tips will help you make the most of your March Break/Spring Break theme park holiday. If you are heading to Orlando for the very first time, here are six hints to ensure you have a relaxing and fun-filled holiday.

    1. Learn How to Leap the Line Before You Leave Home

    making use of Disney’s FastPass+ system and world’s Express Passes, families can bypass long wait times for some of the most famous theme park attractions. Disney’s FastPass+ comes with your park ticket or holiday package. This lets you avoid the line for up to three attractions for a day. You can make these reservations online before leaving home and go to the parks. There arenols of agencies that offer two distinct types of Universal Express Passes (that you buy on top of your daily admission ticket) which permit you to skip the line in the parks. Many Express Pass give one-skip-per-attraction to almost all rides and shows at Universal Studios Florida and the place of Adventure theme parks. Most agencies Unlimited Pass provides you with unlimited front-of-the-line access to virtually all rides and shows at the two theme parks. You’ll have to determine if the extra cost is worth the comfort for you – especially during peak period like March Break.

    2. Get ready to do a lot of hiking

    Walt Disney World and Universal Studios are not your regular Orlando theme parks. They are large – Disney World is approximately the same size as the center of San Francisco! Disney World possesses 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, Disney Springs (a Disney-fied shopping, dining, and entertainment area), golf courses, campgrounds and resorts for every type of traveler and family size. Universal Studios has 2 parks – Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure, 5 on-site resorts, City Walk (shopping, dining, and entertainment district just step away from their parks) and a brand new water park beginning around May 2017. Presume to do a ton of walking during your park hours. I was averaging 25K steps on my family’s most current trip! Moms, I suggest skipping the sandals and flip flops and adding insoles to your flats or walking/running shoes. Dr. Scholl’s® For Her has several insoles and cushioning choices to fit various shoes. I also advise renting a stroller (either from the parks or an individual rental company) for your kids.

    3. Avoid long wait periods and make use of the additional hours

    Families are staying at any of Universal’s on-site hotels or who have booked a holiday package at a participating off-site resort, can visit The Wizarding home of Harry Potter one time before the parks open to the general populace in the morning. Avoid the crowds and make use of your additional hour if you can. Same goes for Disney World hotel guests. Make use of your Extra Alchemy Hours (one hour earlier in the morning and up to 2 hours after normal closing time) if you want to avoid the crowds or experience the rides with lower wait times.

    4. Pack Your Water and Lunches

    Both Disney and Universal recognizes water bottles, kid’s food (and formula/milk) and fruits and vegetables into the park. You’ll be doing a lot of hiking so the water and snacks will come in helpful and you’ll keep your food and drink costs down.

    5. Form Some Non-Park Time

    It’s tough not to want to see and prepare everything. From theme parks, restaurants, concerts and shopping, there’s no deficit of things to keep you busy in Orlando. Nevertheless, try your best to make in some real time so the children aren’t irritable and you’re not weakened by the end of your holiday.

    Enjoy the hotel, spend time at the pool or plan half day park visits over various days instead of back-to-back all-day park visits.

    6. Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

    For those of us still having fun during winter weather at home (since the criticism?), it will be hot and sunshiny in Orlando. Coppertone’s Clearly Sheer SPF 55 and Coppertone’s children Sunscreen Lotion SPF 65 are great choices that provide broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection. The children Sunscreen is excellent for an Orlando theme park vacation because it retains SPF even after 85 minutes of activity in the water or sweating