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    5 Travel Tips To Bangkok, Thailand

    The country is an excellent route on the backpacking coast, and everything is convenient and comfortable.

    Nevertheless, there are still many off the beaten pathway aims away from the bodies and the prices they produce. Overall, Thailand speaks for itself. When you hear its name, you already imagine about seashores, beauty, jungles, and food. And your thoughts are spot on.

    Food – Food is not expensive in Thailand. Road food rate is around 22 THB, though on average you’ll spend about 35-50 THB per meal if you want something filling. If you adhere to the local road food, you can eat for around 120-170 THB a day. Most western foods burgers, pizza, pasta, etc. The rate is between 175-345 THB, however they can be higher in the fancier western organization. Since regular meals are not that expensive, there is no need market shopping unless you are looking to get some already made salads or fruits. Visit each city guide for specific food recommendations in each place!

    Don't drop or stand on money – Feet are supposed to be the feeblest and least clear part of the body, so avoid pointing your feet at anyone: ensure not to cross your legs, sit cross-legged or put your give up. It is also hard to drop or stand on currency, as it could be deemed discourteous towards the noble family (Thailand's reigning monarch is printed on the Thai Baht).

    Respect the priests – Many Thailand temples hold sittings where you can meet and talk to priests, to learn about Buddhism and assist them in enhancing their English. Don't be too friendly or ask particular questions when you wish getting to know them. If you are female, do not touch them or even sweep past them: it is strictly forbidden for priests to have any physical contact with a woman.

    If you need to pass something to a priest place it down in front of them rather than handing it over directly. They can sometimes be afraid when speaking to visitors, so be patient. Some priests are in training and will be juvenile boys, but you should still keep the same high grade of respect for them.

    Cover up in temples – It is much likely that you will pitch upon an astonishingly beautiful temple while sauntering around the Bangkok streets, but make sure you are polite and make sure your shoulders and chest are properly covered before arriving at the temple. Always keep a wrap or some long-sleeved clothing in your bag as you may be refused entry or cause offense it yourself aren't well covered.

    Be prepared to pay more than the towns – Some Thailand exhibits, museums, and temples charge various rates for Thai nationals and tourists, and both rates aren't always posted on the site or in manuals. It is sometimes expedient to avoid this higher visitor fee if you ask in advance, book with a wide group or go at off-peak times. Don't be astounded if they flatly refuse you, but it is always worth asking.

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