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    We Tried Subscription Boxes For Cats And They Were Super Freaking Adorable

    Spoiler: They're all pretty pawesome.

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    Meet my roommate, Mouse. He's generally quiet but leaves his dishes in the sink. (Well...on the floor, actually.)

    Jason St. Angelo / BuzzFeed

    Like me, Mouse's age falls within the later years of the millennial generation (in cat years, obviously), so naturally, he's pretty interested in all things subscription-based. And while typically anything involving my local post office is a lesson in frustration (how do you even run out of stamps?!), nothing gets me more excited than seeing a package at my door. Even if it's not really for me.

    Luckily, we both got a little taste of excitement. We tested four treat-filled treasure troves (aka subscription boxes for cats) to see exactly what they have to offer: the KitNipBox, Dollar Pet Club, Cat Lady Box, and Meowbox subscriptions.

    For each one, I've listed the contents of the box, what charities the company contributes to, pricing info, our general thoughts about the box, Mouse's favorite item and my favorite item, as well as an overall grade.

    Here's how it went!

    First up was KitNipBox — a self-described box filled with "high-quality cat toys, all-natural treats, and other fun, healthy cat products."

    Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

    Contents: Toys, treats

    Customizable: Yes

    Charities supported: Cat shelters, trap-neuter-return efforts, and "a variety of other feline welfare causes"

    Get it: From KitNipBox for $19.99/month for a single cat, or $29.99/month for a multi-cat box.

    Jason St. Angelo / BuzzFeed

    Mouse's thoughts: Listen, I don't always love the catnip hangover. This box had a nice mix of toys that I enjoyed very much, not just ones packed to the brim with that good stuff. The wobble toy will last for a long time and will definitely keep me busy, though. Nice touch, fellas.

    My thoughts: This subscription box has some of the highest-quality toys of all the ones we sampled, all of which were a hit with Mouse — especially the very sturdy "Professor Teddy" that's weighted and stands upright, wobbling back and forth as your cat paws at it. The regular box comes with about four items (including treats), while the multi-cat option (pictured) includes at least six. (I also appreciated the items' commitment to the "kittergarten" back-to-school theme.)

    There's a solid assortment of toys, some of which say they've actually been handmade by local artisans. One was even labeled as vegan — I mean, I'm not sure I've seen cat toys that aren't vegan? But cool either way. My favorite thing about this box is it makes an effort to disclose that, in addition to being organic, none of its treats are made in China, which in the past has been notorious for lax standards when it comes to pet food. "No-treat" KitNipBoxes, as well as bi-monthly and quarterly subscription options, are also available.

    Mouse's fave: "Professor Teddy" wobbling cat toy

    My fave: Zuke's Natural Purrz treats

    Overall grade: A

    Next was Dollar Pet Club, a box for perhaps the more frugal pet owner who knows their cat is probably going to be happy playing with a ball of lint anyway, so why spend a fortune on new toys?

    The Dollar Pet Club
    Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

    Contents: Treats, toys, litter liner, grooming product

    Customizable: Yes

    Charity supported: An adoption awareness program

    Get it: From Dollar Pet Club on Cratejoy for $7.99–$29.99/month (or starting at $1.99/month for dogs).

    Jason St. Angelo / BuzzFeed

    Mouse's thoughts: While I'm a big fan of the crunch, the savory Buddy Biscuits were a big hit. They're grain-free too, whatever that means. I also love the box itself, which was just small enough for me to squeeze into, and the crimped strands of cardboard were a nice touch. They really know how to win a cat's heart with the details.

    My thoughts: Dollar Pet Club came through with a delightfully bright package, which may be something to keep in mind if you're thinking of gifting a box. Mouse can't see colors, but I assured him that it looked pretty cool. (Side note: Explaining colors is hard.) Subscription plans start at $7.99 for monthly litter liners, with the option for add-ons. There are a lot of different mix-and-match choices here that affect the price of your box, which is a little more complicated compared to the pay-and-play convenience of the other brands. (There are even dog boxes too, starting at $1 for the first box — hence the name — if your pup gets jealous.)

    While the treats are high-quality, the toys leave something to be desired. If you don't use litter liners — or you're looking for toys that'll last a bit longer — this may not be the box for you, but overall it's a great value. Mouse really loved both kinds of treats. Wellness treats he's had before, but never this flavor. The one item I appreciated the most was the waterless cat bath shampoo; though I don't find the need to bathe my cat regularly, with or without water, I gave it to my girlfriend, who has a very dandruffy long-haired cat. Something practical other than a toy or a treat can go a long way, and no other box had something like this.

    Mouse's fave: Buddy Biscuits

    My fave: Vet's Best No-Rinse Clean Waterless Cat Shampoo

    Overall grade: B

    Then we tried Cat Lady Box, whose tagline is "a monthly box for cat ladies and their cats!"

    Cat Lady Box
    Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

    Contents: Cat toys, human goodies

    Customizable: No

    Charities supported: Various cat rescues and organizations

    Get it: From Cat Lady Box on Cratejoy for $34.99–$39.99.

    Jason St. Angelo

    Mouse's thoughts: I don't know what these human things are, but it takes away valuable space that would be better for treats. This toy is definitely one of my favorites and it's even nice to chew on when I'm alone. Other than that, the box is fun to sit on, but not squeeze into. The texture feels nice on my fur. Sue me.

    My thoughts: This box is the priciest out of all the subscriptions we tried, and whether it's worth it really depends on what you're looking for. CLB gets points for differentiating itself from the competition, but if you're looking for items that are specifically cat-friendly, this is probably not your pick. The smaller box subscription comes with only human stuff, and the larger option includes just two cat toys in addition to the human goodies; in ours was a set of cat-themed headphones, an insulated water bottle, and a keychain. If you're looking for a quirky gift for your cat-obsessed friend, however, this could be a fun option.

    I'm a 31-year-old man who doesn't quite identify as a "cat lady," so maybe I'm not the target demographic here? Still, the Bamboozler toy was one of Mouse's favorites out of all the boxes we tried. The brand also sends surveys to customers to decide where to direct future donations to animal-based charities.

    Mouse's fave: Bamboozler

    My fave: Bamboozler

    Overall grade: B-

    And finally, MeowBox, which offers monthly and bimonthly themed subscription boxes.

    Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

    Contents: Toys, treats, cat wine (yup, you read that right)

    Customizable: Yes

    Charity supported: One Box Can program, which supports the rescue and well-being of cats in need

    Get it: From Meowbox for $22.95/month or every other month.

    Jason St. Angelo / BuzzFeed

    Mouse's thoughts: These might be some of my favorite toys overall. All are very durable and filled with stuff that made me feel funny in all my cat parts. The dried liver treats, while too small to make satisfying single servings, IMHO, drove me crazy!

    My thoughts: Of all the boxes we tried, Meowbox, which comes with five to six items, seems to be the most unique and customizable. I like that it includes an exclusive line of quality branded toys, and there's also an online store, so you can re-up on ones that meet a dark fate behind the fridge. (And check out the site’s quirky accessories for humans too — like gum inspired by cat buttholes and an inflatable unicorn horn, because the world is probably ending soon anyway so why the hell not.)

    Like KitNipBox, Meowbox offers are the ability to exclude edible items that you'd prefer to buy on your own and a bimonthly option, just in case tripping over new toys every month is too much for you. Although Mouse wasn't very interested in trying the non-alcoholic, Instagram-op-worthy Pinot Meow (organic catnip, beet juice, water), I got a kick out of its concept and branding and felt less alone as I indulged in my own vices.

    Mouse's fave: Catnip campfire toys

    My fave: Pinot Meow

    Overall grade: A

    🏆The verdict🏆

    Jason St. Angelo / BuzzFeed / Via Instagram

    Look, Mouse isn't picky. We're talking about a cat who prefers sleeping on an old plastic bag every night to an actual cat bed, and who'll play with just about anything he can move with his paw. I'm a bit more discerning, though — and so given its high-quality toys, standards for treats, usability of items, and low price point, the KitNipBox was my favorite of all four.

    While Mouse and I clearly had our faves, each of these subscriptions offers something different — and depending on what you, the lucky cat, and/or the human recipient of a gifted cat box are looking for, they all make pretty thoughtful gifts for your human and feline companions alike. (And you can feel good knowing they all contribute to charities for kitties in need.)

    If you want to try one of these subscriptions out for yourself, check them all out here:

    • Get the KitNipBox subscription for $19.99/month for a single cat, or $29.99/month for a multi-cat box.

    • Get the Dollar Pet Club subscription for $7.99–$29.99/month (or starting at $1.99/month for dogs).

    • Get the Cat Lady Box subscription for $34.99–$39.99.

    • Get the Meowbox subscription for $22.95/month or every other month.

    May your cat be forever entertained and your subscription boxes stay plentiful! Just beware of the catnip contact high.

    Note: Subscription boxes were provided to BuzzFeed free of charge, but we were not obligated to positively review them.