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The Tasty App Has A New Feature That Makes Cooking Even Easier

Putting the app in bon appétit!

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By now you already know that the Tasty app is your number one cooking coach.

It's your kitchen compadre. The peanut butter to your jelly.

With step-by-step instructions and personalization options for more than 2,000 recipes on your smartphone, could it get any better?


Introducing the newest Tasty feature: a seamless integration of recipe-specific items from and Walmart, so you can quickly purchase the things YOU need to recreate your favorite dish. And you don't even need to leave the house! 👌👌👌 (There's even FREE two-day shipping for most orders over $35.)

So when you plan on making these Tasty steak fajita rolls, your app will remind you to grab...

Tasty / Via

1. Some bamboo skewers for just $2.52, so your presentation can look professional AF.

2. A pre-seasoned cast iron skillet to get that ~sizzle~ for under $20.

3. And don't forget to re-up on paprika for less than $5 to literally spice things up.

Or if you've got a serious hunger for something smokey, like our honey garlic slow cooker ribs, you'll see that you are definitely gonna need...

Tasty / Via

1. An affordable slow cooker for under $30 (duh).

2. Some lip-smacking Kikkoman soy sauce. You know, the good stuff.

3. And, unless you're SERIOUSLY hungry, perhaps a low-cost storage set to keep those leftovers nice and fresh?


More of a herbivore, you say? That's cool! The Tasty app has your back with TONS of recipes. For example, have you ever tried homemade falafel?

Well, with the app, before prepping, you'll remember to buy...

Tasty / Via

1. A trusty food processor that's built like a tank for only $37.41. Hell. Yeah.

2. Dried parsley for $6.58, because you're not LEGALLY an adult until you have parsley in your pantry (I saw that on a government form at the DMV).

3. And some serious lemon juice for that ~Mediterranean magic~ from Walmart for less than five bucks.

How about dessert? Maybe some puff pastry later this weekend?

Tasty / Via

1. First of all, you'll need a mixing bowl, so how about throwing this mixing set for $5.92 into your cart?

2. It says you'll need some essentials too, like this McCormick Pure Vanilla Extract for $6.97.

3. And, because life is always better with chocolate, these gluten-free semi-sweet chocolate chips from Enjoy Life.