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12 Screenshots From The Creepiest Music Video Of All Time

These days it seems anyone can record a song, hire a crew and make a music video -- even the biggest creep on the planet. Meet CHAD, whose love for Jennifer Love Hewitt was so fierce that he was compelled to perform this disturbing song for her.

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Important Calls

Whatever the purpose of the other two gentlemen, they sure do like checking their phones. Probably just social media stuff. No bigs. Or maybe it's Jennifer Love Hewitt on the other end? Your guess is as good as ours.

Long Walks on the Beach

Okay, besides the stalker smirk on his face, this is kind of a cool shot. The song, although quite disturbing, isn't too bad either if you can get around the extreme creepiness. [embedded below]

Capoeira, anyone?

What happened to the other two dudes? We're guessing they were murdered. But, again, this is kind of cool although it has nothing to do with Jennifer Love Hewitt. It's just ... weird, man.

Watch the Whole Thing Here

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