33 Signs You’re A Tamaracker

Camp Tamarack is turning 33 years old. You may not have been around for all 33 of those years, but you’ve been around long enough to develop signs that come with being a Tamaracker. Here are some of those signs.

1. You’re still unsure of how to spell Kool-Aid/Cool-Aid.

By the way, the correct spelling is Cool-Aid.

2. This is the only song you know and like by Marilyn Manson.

3. You change your name on Facebook.

4. Your desktop background, cellphone wallpaper and/or screensaver is or was THIS at some point in time.

5. You sit/jump on the tramp even though you know you shouldn’t.


6. “Word on Sequoia and Main” is how you credit your gossip.

7. As far as you’re concerned, only 4 countries exist in this world…

…and only 1 can win.

8. You consider Bracebridge, Ontario a hometown of yours.

9. Punk Rock, Halfway Lake and Mosquito Coast are among your top vacation destinations.

10. You get excited when this song comes on.

Does this song even exist outside of camp?

11. You always know and preach how to stay “Sun Safe.”

12. You add MEGA in front of everything you say.

13. You get confused (and tired) when you step onto a full-sized tennis court.

14. You sit down for dinner wondering what the soup du jour is.

15. You think that staying up playing tennis for 24hrs straight is easily manageable.

“Only 16hrs left!”

and swimming to Wake and back is next to impossible.

16. You dream of driving this…

and talking on this…

17. Making your bed and folding your clothes is something you’re proud of.

18. You know that a “Ball of Fun” is no fun at all.

It’s not what you think.

19. This brings back good times…

…and bad times.

20. You’re an expert on trees (and you may not even know it).

21. When it’s your birthday, you sing this…

…spin THIS…

…and WIN this…

22. Unless you’re at Wabora, in which case you EAT this…

(NOT this…)

…SING this…

…and GET this…

23. Bracebridge weather is favourited so you can always imagine what it’d be like to be at camp.

Tobogganing down the maintenance path, anyone?

24. You used to shotty the MIDDLE bunk.

25. Listening to this song makes you need to go to the bathroom…

26. Even if you don’t dance, you know what this is…

27. You sometimes pretend to be a vegetarian.

“I don’t eat meat!”

28. You hope to find this boy someday and be a hero.

“Johnny White Bear, last seen at beach, white fur, approximately 1’3”…”

29. Seeing THIS makes you cringe a little.

30. You long for the day you get this…

and tear up a little when someone gets this…

31. You apply to be Head of THIS…

or THIS…

“TAMARAOKE” anyone?

32. This man and his song changed your life…

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/72232009.

“Howards please don’t make me go home!”

33. You start counting down the days ‘til next summer seconds after camp comes to an end.


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