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The Definitive Ranking Of The Best Drag Queens Ever On RuPaul's Drag Race

RuPaul's Drag Race has seen many Queens walk down the runway in it's 7 season "herstory", and needless to say some were better than others. Gentlemen, start your engines and may the best woman win!

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20. Milk (Season 6, 9th Place)

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Easily the best queen that was cut far too soon. Milk had the looks (a beautiful queen in her own right, but also the most attractive person out of drag in the shows herstory), personality, talent, and most importantly creativity that should have carried her far into the competition. She walked down the runway pregnant, as Pinocchio, with a beard, and dressed as a male RuPaul in her short time and look sickening each and every time for Pete's sake!

19. Nina Flowers (Season 1, Runner Up/All Stars, 6th Place)

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Not only was this queen runner up her season, but she also was awarded "Miss Congeniality". Proving herself in a number of different ways, she ended up on the All Stars season able to show she's at the top of her drag game. With her unorthodox drag that pushes the boundaries of beauty and creativity, you soon won't forget about her.

17. Yara Sofia (Season 3, 4th Place/All Stars, 4th Place)

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Another "Miss Congeniality", Yara clawed her way into the top 3 and easily captivated audiences with her unique style, personality, and talent. It's quite possible that had Yara competed on a cycle other than season 3 (Read: season 1 or 2), she might have taken it all the way to the top. Echa Pa'lante!

16. Tammie Brown (Season 1, 8th Place/All Stars, 9th Place)

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Funny is as funny does, and Tammie does funny good. Almost as thought you dressed a top comedian in drag, Tammie is the weirdo embracing personality we all love to laugh with. The best part is that beyond her funny, she actually knows how to do drag extremely well.

15. BenDeLaCreme (Season 6, 5th Place)

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Kooky, zany, and an all around nut job, BenDeLaCreme easily fulfilled the role of a grandmother to many of the queens on her season. Outshining everyone with her Snatch Game realness and sense of wacky style, it's no surprise she made this list. Like so many old ladies before her, you can't help but love them!

14. Jujubee (Season 2, 3rd Place/All Stars, 3rd Place)

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The library is open, and Jujubee is about to read! This queen can throw shade like no other while looking sickening in the process. Jujubee quickly became a fan favorite on her original season and never looked back. She worked her way all the way to All Stars, where she ultimately placed 3rd. None too shabby!

12. Carmen Carrera (Season 3, 5th Place)

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The original sex pot, Carmen Carrera showed America what it really means to push the limits of sexy; as said by herself: "Carmen is nudity!". Since appearing on her season of Drag Race, Carerra, who identifies as a transgender woman, has become a major player in the battle of bringing the trans-community to the forefront of Americas conscious in the search for equality. She has also gone on to become a model for Elite Models, a top modeling agency. She is a true inspiration for everyone.

11. Jinkx Monsoon (Season 5, Winner)

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It's Monsoon season! Jinkx was able to laugh her way to number 1 her season by dishing up her dynamic theatrics and killer sense of humor. With an inspiring back-story as well, Jinkx is the whole package; albeit a less composed and well put together package compared to others on this list. I would say that if Jinkx was able to put together a look a poised as say, Chad Michaels, she would be perfection, but I think Jinkx is perfectly happy the way she is. Water off a ducks back!

10. Raven (Season 2, Runner Up/All Stars, Runner Up)

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Raven is classic yet modern when it comes to her drag. She evokes personality and shines through all the make up and costumes (Which are fabulous, none the less). With a sense of humor to boot, it's no surprise she landed high in the rankings on both her original season and on All Stars. If there is ever another All Stars season maybe she can come back and prove she is more than a runner up.

9. Detox Icunt (Season 5, 4th Place)

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Detox is one hell of a drag queen, and she knows it. What she presented on the main stage was often under appreciated, even though she typically landed towards the top of the pack. A creative queen who takes design to the next level, Detox often showed up on the runway with very conceptualized and put together looks. She's also dedicated to her craft, having so much plastic surgery that she has said the only parts of her body that have not been touched by plastic surgeons are her nose, knees, and big toes.

8. Courtney Act & Adore Delano (Season 6, Runner Ups)

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Is it a bit of a cop-out to place these two in the same spot on this list? Absolutely. But at the same time they each are very comparable to each other. Both beautiful, both talented singers, and both Runner Ups of Season 6, they each proved their worth.

7. Sharron Needles(Season 4, Winner)

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Sick and twisted from day one, Sharron shocked audiences with her unorthodox style of drag and won over the freaks of America. With the ability to look beautiful while dripping blood, it's no wonder why she made it to the top of the pack. She embraced to she is, and that took her all the way to the crown.

6. Manila Luzon

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High. Drag. To. The. T. Manila Luzon oozes glamour, all while remaining frivolous and carefree. With facial expressions that rival Lucille Ball, Manila brought a certain spunk and child-like energy to her season, all while keeping an heir of diamond-dripping high quality drag.

5. Bianca Del Rio (Season 6, Winner)

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One of the funniest queens in herstory, Bianca Del Rio shined so bright she was able to take the crown from what was possibly the tightest final 3 in all of the shows seasons (against Courtney Act and Adore Delano). It's very easy to see why Bianca and her "rolodex of hate" climbed, pushed, shoved, elbowed, and laughed her way to the shows top spot. I know that Bianca's place on this list will probably cause some controversy, but I stand by my judgement *RuPaul voice*. Bianca is a fabulous queen but while on the show she lacked the creativity and diversity the other top queens possess.

4. Chad Michaels (Season 4 Runner Up/All Stars Winner)

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Cher's twin sister, Chad Michaels was a fan favorite from the second she appeared on screen. Her years of experience, poise and refinement showed in every look she pieced together. To be quite frank, I'm convinced she was not chosen as the winner of her original season just so that she could be brought back to take the crown on the All Stars season.

3. Willam Belli (Season 4,

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Willam will forever go down in drag race herstory as the only queen to date to be disqualified from the competition. After apparently receiving conjugal visits from his husband while filming, which was a big "no no", RuPaul asked this queen to sashay away. Had this not occurred though, Willam quite possibly could have won her entire season (especially considering her disqualification spared two of the eventual top 3). Willam has it all; she's funny, beautiful, and talented; a true triple threat. Since appearing on the show she has gone on to be the most commercially successful queen of them all though her musical and acting credits.

2. Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 (Season 5, Runner Up)

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Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Alaska has it all and then some! After auditioning for every season of the show (and having her then boy(girl)friend Sharron Needles appear on season 4 after only auditioning once) she FINALLY made it to the main stage to show the world what she can do; and boy(girl) was it impressive. Alaska was able to take each and every challenge and make it her own, avoiding the bottom two the entire season. To be frank, had Alaska and Sharon been on the same season, Alaska probably would have outdone Sharon by a long shot. Had Alaska also come onto the show with a sappy back-story *Cough* (Jinkx Monsoon) *Cough* and not been dating a previous winner *Cough* (Sharron Needles) *Cough*, she probably would have (and rightfully should have) taken the crown.

1. Raja (Season 3, Winner)

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Undoubtedly, Raja has been the most fierce queen to ever grace the main stage of RuPaul's Drag Race. A catwalk kitten with a fashion sense to die for, it's no surprise that she rose to the top of the pack season 3. Witty and glamorous, many of her looks were so outside of the box that even RuPaul herself must have gagged. While there have been many contenders over the years since Drag Race began, nobody has quite captured the audience in a way that Raja did and to be frank, it's hard to imagine that any of them ever will. As RuPaul herself says "There can only be one!", and Raja is undisputedly "the one". All Hail Queen Raja!

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