28 Reasons Why Nicole Scherzinger Is Your Next Celeb Fixation

She’s far more than your average Pussycat Doll.

1. This is Nicole Scherzinger

She is the definition of excellence.

2. She is the queen of flawlessness

Her eyes are burning a hole in your heart that she will begin to live in.

3. A while ago she was a member of The Pussycat Dolls

Don’t Cha, Buttons, When I Grow Up, I Hate This Part, Ect, Ect.

4. Let’s face it, she WAS The Pussycat Dolls

She was their Diana Ross, their Beyonce, their Regina George, if you will.

5. Were the others even moving their lips?

Glorified backup dancers, really.

6. She finally got rid of those girls and set out on her own

In all honestly the other girls are very talented in their own right, but we’re talking about Nicole Scherzinger, who has that special extra something.

7. She released a few singles, including “Baby Love”, which reached the top 20 in many international markets

Other singles, however, did not fair so well and her first solo album was shelved. Only a minor setback for this godess.

8. She also competed on Dancing With The Stars and won

It would have been a travesty had she lost.

9. In 2010 she guest judged on The X Factor UK, where she came up with the idea of One Direction

Love them or hate them they are a music powerhouse and she created them.

10. Later in 2010 she released the first single “Poison” in the UK, from her upcoming new album, “Killer Love”

It went on to reach number 3 in the UK and charted around the world.

11. Along with the singles “Don’t Hold Your Breath”

12. And “Right There”

Which became her first solo release to chart within the US, peaking at 39.

13. “Try With Me” was the last single off the album

Also off the album was the single “Wet”.

14. The album reached platinum status in the UK

Let it out, Scherzy. It felt amazing and you know it.

15. She became a permanent judge on The X Factor USA in 2011

She had her high moments like when she showed Simon Cowell what’s up.

16. But for the most part it was a mess and she knew she had to get out of there

Scherzinger, out!

17. In 2012 she hopped across the pond and became a judge on The X Factor UK, which went over far better

She became the winning mentor with James Arthur as the winner.

18. She showed off her singing chops in a performance of “The Phantom Of The Opera”

Nobody can say that she can’t sing after seeing that performance.

19. And in 2013 released her new single “Boomerang” off her currently untitled album

Fair warning: this song will get stuck in your head forever and you will love every second of it.

20. And again, showed off her powerhouse vocals performing “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”

She is one of the most talented vocalist of our time, hands down.

21. She has talked about her past struggles with anorexia and bulimia, which shows great strength and courage

A totally fierce roll model.

22. She’s delectably delightable, and it shows

Who wears glasses upside down and looks uber stunning? Dis bitch.

23. I’m not gonna make any comparisons between her and Audrey Hepburn but they are both pretty magnificent.

Fabulous is as fabulous does.

And fabulous done did her thang.

24. She gets that her name is ridiculous and she works it

Schamaze it, girl!

25. She’s also gotten hot and heavy with Enrique

She may have out shined him on his own song. Sorry not sorry.

26. Can any of those other pussycats do this?

I don’t think so.

27. If you oppose to any of these magnificent reasons to love Scherzy all I have to say is…

Get your shit together.

28. We love you, Nicole

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