24 Reasons You Should Be Obsessed With Cheryl Cole

She is the perfect human specimen and you need to know that.

1. This is Cheryl Cole

Her looks are reason enough to become a die hard fan.

2. She’s a singer and dancer from the UK

Everything from England is better. Fact.

3. Often referred to as the nation’s sweetheart

Because she’s so damn adorable.

4. She is the most perfect person to have ever graced this earth

Those dimples! Ahh!

5. She was a member of the now disbanded girlband Girls Aloud

The group permanently broke up in 2013 after their final tour.

6. Girls Aloud went on to become one of the top acts in The UK

Some pretty great music. Check it out.

7. She became a mentor on “The X Factor UK” in 2008

8. She mentored the winning act 2 out of the 3 series she competed on

Alexandra Burke

And Joe McElderry

9. She also mentored non-winners Cher Lloyd and Diana Vickers

10. Her first solo album, 3 Words, went to number 1 on The UK charts

11. With the singles “Fight For This Love”

12. “3 Words” feat. Will.i.am

13. And “Parachute”

14. Her second album, Messy Little Raindrops, also went to number 1

15. With the singles “Promise This”

16. and “The Flood”

17. She was then planned to be a permanent judge on “The X Factor USA”

But Simon Cowell went and messed it all up. But she didn’t care. She let it roll right off her back.

18. So she released another amazing album instead titled A Million Lights

19. With the singles “Call My Name”

The dancing is this video is vintage Britney hot.

20. And her live performance was so amazing I had to include it

Again, vintage Britney all up in this performance.

21. And the single “Under The Sun”

She is currently recording her 4th studio album due out early 2014

22. She is a Lady

Seriously. For her 30th birthday Simon Cowell bought her a land deed title, officially making her Lady Cheryl

For the next 175 years she shall remain Lady Cheryl

23. And she loves her tattoos

Yes, that is her lovely British bum.

24. She’s pretty much the perfect woman

She knows it too, but she doesn’t flaunt it which makes her so much more lovable.

Bask in all of Cheryl’s glory

All Hail Lady Cheryl

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