The Fred Astaires Of Face Dancing

It’s time to face the music. Here are the best display of facial muscles on YouTube.

Remember when your mother yelled at you for making funny faces? Chances are good these guys don’t. They put their faces to work, choreographing masterpieces using only their cranial features. It’s the one part of the body “conventional” dancers often forget to utilize. Fall in love with these pioneers of what could be the next dance craze.

2. The William Tell Ouverture

Nichola-Frank Vachon is the favorite of every face dancing purist. He defines the art, producing a heartfelt rendition of a classic. Get lost in his eyes, and then his facial hair.

3. Hungarian Dance No. 5

Oleg Lapidus’ performance is the facial equivalent of twerking. He displays visage flexibility previously thought impossible. Scientists have called this guy the missing link between humans and Gumby. Okay, they didn’t say that. I did. But scientists also once thought the world was flat so really, who are you going to trust?

4. Skrillex

Some have accused this kid of being a sellout, moving his torso and (gasp!) using hand motions. Nevertheless, he’s brought the art of face dancing to millions. Classic catch-22.

5. I Like to Move It

Certainly an amateur, this guy’s included here as an up-and-comer. Who knows? In a few years he could be gracing the cover of Face Dance Weekly!

Could you be next? Anyone who has ever inaudibly expressed an emotion has the potential to dance their face off. Give it a go! Find you’re favorite song, take a look in the mirror and boogie the night away. The next time you’re at a party, break out your new moves and make some new friends or, at the very least, raise a few eyebrows.

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