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15 Ways Kids Can Use Google Home Right Now

The smart home assistant market exploded last year, bringing artificial intelligence to families around the country. These powerful tools can help kids prepare for our AI-driven future. Here are some easy ways to get kids chatting with AI right now...

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1. Answer a kid's burning questions.

Thanks to artificially intelligent personal assistants like Siri, Google Home, or Amazon Echo, kids now have access to an unprecedented volume of knowledge before they even know how to read. Using these simple commands, you can teach kids an valuable life skill: how to ask a computer for information.

2. Choose music for the house.

Google Home can play be configured to play music from your Spotify (commands listed above). I made a couple kid-friendly playlists on Spotify and my daughter loves commanding the music at home. You can also use Pandora, YouTubeMusic, and Tunein accounts.

3. Listen to a story. / Via Flickr: 143228564@N06

The "Hey Google, tell me a human story" will get play a StoryCorps interview with a real life person. A great way to broaden a kid's horizons. Also try: "Read a poem," "Tell me a story," and "Tell me a scary story."

4. Play on a game show!

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Just say "Hey Google, Are You Feeling Lucky?" or "Ok Google, play trivia" to open an elaborate trivia game show. All the questions are kid-friendly, and it quickly became my daughter's favorite pastime.

10. Share a shopping list.

When kids run out of a favorite food, beverage or toothpaste, encourage them to add it to the grocery list. Google Home stores all the lists, but DOES NOT automatically buy anything. You can build responsibility without risking your checkbook...

15. Learn how to meditate. / Via

After a long day of chatting with Google Home, encourage kids to take a quick mediation break. Just say "OK Google, talk to Headspace" to get a guided meditation that anybody can follow...

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