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Adjustable Dumbbells Vs Weighted Vest - Which One Is Effective?

Should you workout indoor or outdoors? Why do you need to choose adjustable dumbbells or a weighted vest for running? Let's know about this fitness equipment.

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Weighted vest benefits


There are many types of a weighted vest according to their feature. Each of them is very impressive in improving your performance inside and outside of the gym. However, some types of equipment are also useful for a powerful workout. This article provides the differences of dumbbells and the weighted vest. Hope this one will help you!

Strengthens your Resistance Workout

As an athlete, it’s essential to participate in resistance training. It contributes to improving their performance such as strength, mass and power builder. When the resistance training was done with the weighted vest, it will provide a good and satisfying result. A study conducted by a University of Texas about the impact of weighted vest during an athlete’s training. They divided the group of athletes that perform the traditional resistance training into two. The first group will do the regular strength training with their normal weighted training clothes. On the other hand, the second group will perform the resistance training with the weighted vest. After six weeks of observation, both groups were evaluated to verify the improvements. Each group has improvements, but the researchers concluded that resistance training with the combination of weighted vest provides the better results.

Useful Tool for Variation

An effective workout requires different exercise routines. It is to make our body flexible as we perform dangerous activities. Most of the time, we adapt individual movements from our workout sessions, but our body is not prepared for it. Weighted vests are also served as a useful tool for variation. It allows our body to move freely despite the intense exercise routines.

Enhances Cardio Exercise

Aside from its effectiveness in resistance training, the weighted vest is also a perfect tool for improving your cardiovascular exercise. If you’re not yet contented with your bodyweight, consider wearing a weighted vest during your workout. It helps you to experience an intense workout even though you’re performing your old routines. Some athletes today are required to do their work out with a weighted vest. It is because the efficiency of this tool in improving cardio exercises is already proven. Another research was being conducted about the difference of weight lifting with and without a weighted vest. Both groups are tasked to lift 10% of their body weight. As a result, the team with weighted vest gained better improvements than the other one. They obtained crucial factors that affect endurance activity.


Performing your workout with the weighted vest is a good idea. However, our body has a limitation. It is not advisable to use the weighted vest regularly because your body also needs to take a break. Pushing your body to carry such heavy weight is a potential threat. It is already proven that the weighted vest is one the best exercise equipment but the use of it should be minimized to avoid possible injuries.

Adjustable Dumbbell Benefits


People with lack of knowledge about fitness activity are confused on what weight training machines are efficient. They kept on asking what tool is perfect for building their muscles and keeping their body physically fit. Many tools are useful and will surely help you I building strength. Consider the benefits of adjustable dumbbells with free weights. Most gym instructors concluded that dumbbells are beneficial if you are serious in building your muscles.

The benefits that you will gain in investing adjustable dumbbells are:

Improving your strength

Improving your strength with dumbbells needs your body’s cooperation with your muscle. It is to keep the stability of the weight as you lift it up and down. This tool is different from other tools that isolate some of your muscles. Working out with dumbbells will help you to build strength quicker.

Muscle Building

If you have unbalanced muscles in your arms, a dumbbell is a perfect tool for you. You can improve your weak arm to compensate with your strong arm by lifting only one dumbbell. It helps you to maintain the balance of your both arms in order perform the more intense workout.

Customize Your Workouts

Dumbbells allow you to customize your workout. You can adjust the weight quickly if you want a lighter or heavier workout. However, sticking with heavy dumbbells is a key for a faster and efficient way for building your muscles.

Warping It Up

Some tools make your body placed in a wrong position and angle as you do the routine. It is prone to possible injuries and accident. If you’re still interested in using dumbbells as your workout buddy, always consult a gym instructor to guide you the proper positions. It is the wisest thing to do if you want to be physically fit while keeping your body safe.

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