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All of the links I have to give until I have more links to give.

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It was 1 °F when I woke up this morning, which is simply far too few °F's to be happy. Niagara Falls looks like Jupiter's frozen moon, Europa, which coincidently, is exactly how I feel this lovely Friday.

"How do we survive the oppressive cold?"

"How do we make it through the endless tundra that we call life?"

Woah, take it easy...

"Warm me up with some links, Jason!"

You got it, dude.

Cold has stepped up its game.

Weather used to be limited to small talk that dominated elevator conversations and those five minutes before the meeting actually started. Cold came to play this year and forced itself into every aspect of our lives. We might as well embrace it, right?

Christopher Michel went to the actual south pole where 1 °F is considered a nice day so stop complaining. I love penguins and since we're talking about birds- can we just acknowledge how nuts they are? They're like super nuts. I'm kind of jealous of those birds... can we make humans look a little weirder? Oh that'll do. That'll do just fine. In "Eye" news, ISIS is getting cyber bullied by Italians, which is our best defense! according to reddit.

Gawker's Sam Biddle wrote a big article proclaiming that Brands Are Not Your Friends. Gawker CEO Nick Denton responded (publicly, of course) with Brands can be your friend! Sam and Nick argued in the comments section for a bit. Former Gawkerman, Copyranter responded with no, a brand can't be your friend.

Can they?! Can't they?! They all sound so confident in their opinions... who do I LISTEN to? Regardless of their opinions, marketers can't be too happy with the way that Gawker (and their audience) feel about brands.

How It's Made: Grand Budapest Hotel
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How It's Made: Grand Budapest Hotel

"I" News:

- I started reading this book.

- I was going to watch this movie, but my internet broke last night. Was it the cold???!!

- I am going to Momofuku Ssäm tonight. And then going to see Royal Tongues

- I continue to be obsessed with Jaymes Young and every remix that is spawned from his new EP.

That was the internet!

I hope it was as exciting as you hoped.

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