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    14 Of The Yummiest Things People Ate This Week

    Burgers, booze, and more!

    Hello!!! My name's Jasmin and I love food. Like, LOVE food. Everyone leaves me in charge of picking restaurant hot spots because, well, it's kind of what I'm good at.

    Since I come across lots of cool restaurants and tasty new menu items frequently, I decided to give y'all peek at my yummy food cheat sheet because sharing is caring, and all that stuff. So here's what I found this week:

    1. This cereal bowl that's 100% edible.

    2. These soup dumplings stuffed with crab meat.

    3. This pasta topped with a big, ol' ball of burrata.

    4. This doughnut-topped ice cream cone that gives you two helpings of dessert in one.

    5. This Insta-worthy vegetarian dim sum platter.

    6. These boozy cereal shots that give you an excuse to start early.

    7. This ~mesmerizing~ magenta soft serve.

    8. This cookie monster ice cream cone that'll instantly transport you back to elementary school.

    9. This handsome-looking cheeseburger for all your comfort food needs.

    10. This halo-halo cup that's bound to satisfy your sweet tooth.

    11. Orrrr THIS halo-halo topped with coconut flakes.

    12. This ~heavenly~ rainbow cake guaranteed to make you feel like you're on cloud nine.

    13. This chocolate cannoli that's literally the size of your forearm.

    14. And finally, this brunch-worthy burger-waffle hybrid.