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    17 Times Bridesmaid Duties Went A Liiiiittle Too Far

    "One of my official duties was 'boob wrangler.' Not mine. The bride's."

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the wildest thing they've ever been asked to do as a bridesmaid. Here are some of the shocking stories they shared:

    BTW, while the majority of these tips are from our users, a few are responses to Reddit's r/AskReddit thread.

    1. This person shoveled poop so the bride wouldn't have a shitty wedding.

    "They chose an outdoor ceremony at a bird sanctuary. On the morning of the wedding, the bride’s parents, the groom, and I were all handed spades and were told to pick up all the goose poop from the ceremony site. It took us hours."


    2. This person crawled under the bride's dress to fix a commando situation.

    "The bride realized she hadn't put on her undergarments only after she put her poofy dress on. I had to crawl under her dress and do it for her."


    3. This bridesmaid hand-steamed tablecloths because wrinkles are just the WORST.

    "One other bridesmaid and I had to steam over 20 tablecloths just hours before the wedding because the caterer delivered them folded and the bride wouldn't stand for wrinkles. It was a HOT July day, and I had already done my hair, so by the end of the process, it was falling out and frizzy and I was drenched in sweat."


    4. And these bridesmaids had to make AND serve all of the food at the reception.

    "The morning of the wedding, all the bridesmaids were making food for the reception instead of, you know, getting our hair and nails done like normal bridesmaids. The bride also forgot to ask people to help at the reception, so we ended up serving the food we made."


    5. These bridesmaids spent the bachelorette party babysitting.

    "As maid of honor, I had to organize the bachelorette party. The bride didn't want anything over-the-top so I was thinking of a relaxing spa day followed by dinner and drinks at her favorite restaurant. She overruled that by having us pick up the groom's four children from four different women, as well as the groomsmen's kids, so they could have a bachelor party. We spent the evening babysitting 11 kids and pulling an all-nighter ironing table clothes."


    6. This bridal party had to pull off an ENTIRE wedding just hours before the ceremony.

    "We were told to arrive at the wedding venue — aka, the groom's family home — a few hours early to get ready. 'Get ready' actually meant that we had to set up the ENTIRE wedding, make all the floral arrangements, and prepare the food. We had no idea this was going to happen. It was 90 degrees out, and we were all sweating and felt disgusting by the time the wedding started."


    7. This person's job was to literally help the bride avoid a nip slip.

    "One of my official duties was 'boob wrangler.' Not my own. The bride’s. She’s quite heavy on top, and wore a strapless dress. I was tasked with making sure there were no wardrobe malfunctions. I literally had to keep fixing her dress and wrangling her boobs back into place."


    8. And this bridesmaid was forced to go vegan to bolster the bride's new wellness business.

    "My future sister-in-law told me to go vegan because the entire destination wedding was going to be strictly vegan. She sent me notes on transitioning to a vegan lifestyle to 'prep my body,' as well as patronizing emails about detoxifying life. Turns out, all the bridesmaids were considered her 'clients' for her new wellness coaching business, and she demanded that I share testimonials about my life-changing experience."


    9. This maid of honor was told to be a personal weed-whacker.

    "I was the maid of honor at a wedding taking place in the bride's parents' backyard. She demanded that I come over to pull weeds out of her parents' yard a day or two before the wedding."


    10. This person basically babysat the groom's daughter the whole time.

    "The groom had a daughter with his ex-girlfriend, and although the ex wasn't invited to the wedding, the groom wanted his daughter there. I was the maid of honor, so I was asked to carry her down the aisle instead of walking with the best man. I didn’t mind that, but I did mind being left with his baby for most of the evening because his parents refused to acknowledge their "illegitimate" grandchild. I couldn’t drink, couldn’t dance, and had to spend the night telling people, 'No, this isn’t my baby.'"


    11. This bridesmaid became a last-minute wedding photographer.

    "I'm a photographer, but was a bridesmaid for the first time at a friend's wedding. I left my camera at home to focus on my bridesmaid duties, but between the ceremony and reception locations, the wedding photographer got stuck in traffic. After two hours of waiting, I was handed a camera and asked to take portraits for the bridal party and the bride and groom. The photographer showed up when we were done and I was more than happy to hand photography duties back to her."


    12. And this bridesmaid was basically asked to pay double for the bachelorette trip.

    "My friend was a bridesmaid. She was asked to pay for the bride's share of the bachelorette trip to Cancun, along with her own share. She also had to pay for her own dress and her share of the makeup for the wedding. Then, when it was my friend's turn to get married and their roles were switched, the first bride complained about paying for the exact same things!"


    13. This person had to pay up big-time just to avoid drama.

    "My sister-in-law demanded that I dye my hair because my hair is dark blonde and she wanted it to be more platinum blonde to match the other bridesmaids. Then, she wanted me to take out all my piercings and buy new diamond earrings and a Tiffany bracelet because all the bridesmaids had them, and she wanted us all to look exactly the same. I was a student at the time so my mum paid for all of this just to keep the peace."


    14. This maid of honor saved her bride-to-be sister from a hairy situation.

    "I was a maid of honor at my sister's wedding when I was 13. The morning of the wedding, I went to shower and 10 minutes later, my sister burst into the bathroom screaming, 'MY BACK HAIR IS STARTING TO GROW BACK. YOU HAVE TO SHAVE MY BACK FOR ME.' She had gotten a full-body wax a few days earlier, and sure enough, I had to shave my sister's back hair eight hours before she got married!!"


    15. And this friend literally went the extra mile to keep the bride happy.

    "For my best friend's first wedding, she asked me to drive nine hours by myself from my home state to the other side of a neighboring state, while she and the other bridesmaids rode with her mom because she needed extra transportation space."


    16. These bridesmaids were asked to partake in a very NSFW photoshoot.

    "My girlfriend was a bridesmaid, and the bride wanted one of those pics where the bridesmaids lift their dresses to show their asses while the bride pretends to be shocked. None of the girls were really down for it, including my girlfriend since the dress was really tight, and she was wearing a thong. Not to mention, the groomsmen and family members were hanging around."


    17. Finally, this bridesmaid had to get her ears re-pierced the morning of the wedding.

    "On the morning of the wedding, the bride gifted us all earrings to wear during the ceremony. I was met with a blank look when I told her that the holes in my ears had closed up. So, one of the other bridesmaids and I went into the other room and re-pierced my ears."


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