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    15 Reasons Why You Should Never — Under Any Circumstance — Date A Dog Owner

    The relationship will be a ruff one!

    1. The dog park is the least romantic place imaginable.

    2. Their entire Instagram is literally just photos of them and their dog looking *too fucking cute* together.

    3. And they'll make you scroll through EACH. AND. EVERY. ONE.

    4. Dog owners aren't easygoing enough.

    5. They're known for being reckless and irresponsible.

    @Nicaesperida / Via

    Someone who remembers to buy dog food, keeps their pet clean, and schedules vet appointments regularly can only be described as such.

    6. They're also not likely to be very forgiving.

    7. They're totally selfish and will always put their needs above yours.

    8. They're also the WORST at cuddling.

    @forestwaker / Via

    You'd think that having practice curling up with their dog every night would make them world-class cuddlers.

    9. And you'll DEFINITELY be forced to snuggle with their pooch on the couch.

    @butterfly-chaser / Via

    Be warned: Their dog will hop up and press their soft, fluffy heads into you. They literally will not let you leave because they'll wrap your legs in a furry hug.

    10. And I hope you don't mind having a dog in your bed!!!

    @beautifuldisaster328 / Via

    I could name 37 things that are WAY better than waking up to a warm, fluffy companion begging for a good morning hug.

    11. And they think it's *so freaking adorable* when their giant beast gives you big 'ol, slobbery kisses.

    12. They're suuuper stingy with their money.

    13. Your date's dog is 100% guaranteed to viciously attack your kid.

    @foxesonboxes / Via

    Dogs are just SO violent and can't be taught to behave AT ALL.

    14. You'll get *so tired* of going on walks with them and their dog.

    15. And — worst of all — they'll teach you how to enjoy the little things in life.

    This is Faye. She wanted to bring a little sunshine into your life. Heard it can help with the happiness. 14/10 thank you so much Faye

    @dog_rates / Via Twitter: @dog_rates

    Because the hallmark of ANY terrible relationship is appreciating the tiny gestures.

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