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Tell Us The Money Lesson You Learned The Hard Way In College

Like, who knew all those drinks and wings could add up so quickly?

For many people, college provides a first taste of managing money on their own. But as the costs of textbooks, tuition, food, car gas, and school supplies add up, saving and spending gets a little trickier.

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So we could really use your help! Tell us what you wish you had known about money management before you started college.

Maybe you wish you had realized that living off-campus with roommates would've helped you save on rent big-time.

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Living alone and ~adulting~ sounds like a dream, but paying for rent and utilities alone can eat into your bank account.

Or, if you could turn back time, perhaps you'd tell your younger self that full-priced beer and wings add up faster than half-priced ones. Looking back, you would've only eaten off campus if there were meal specials.

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Orrr, maybe you wish someone had told you that getting a job on campus would not only help you make new connections, but also help you make some cash to start saving or paying off loans.

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Tell us what you wish you had known about money before you started college. You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.