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    17 People Who Cheated On School Exams And Totally Got Away With It

    Don't even THINK about trying these at school.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the most creative ways they've cheated on school exams. Though we don't recommend trying these yourself, here are the most creative methods they employed:

    1. This person used their sock to hide the evidence:

    "I once wrote the answers to my geometry test on my ankles, right underneath my socks. I crossed one leg over the other and moved my sock to pretend I was scratching my ankle. Nobody ever caught on."


    2. This person made an audio version of their notes:

    "In our civics class, we were allowed to listen to music while we took exams, so I would go home and record myself reading my notes. During the exams, I would play the recording instead of music. That’s how everyone passed that class."


    3. These friends ~erased~ the evidence:

    "My friend and I would write the number to a question on an eraser and ask to borrow it from each other. For example, I’d write, '14?' on the eraser and discreetly get her attention by coughing. She’d then ask to borrow the eraser, and would write the answer on it and hand it back."


    4. This mastermind hid their notes using invisible ink:

    "During geography and science exams, students were allowed to use reference books, but teachers always checked the pages beforehand for notes. I scribbled notes using a pen with invisible ink, so only I could see the writing using the light from the pen."


    5. This person taped the entire periodic table to their thigh — and got away with it:

    "I was nervous about a science exam in high school, so I took a small printout of the periodic table and taped it to my upper thigh under my shorts. When the teacher tried to see what I was doing, I loudly told him to stop staring at my crotch, which got everyone's attention. I got a 95 on the test and never looked back."


    6. This girl used her nails as a cheat sheet:

    "I used to write formulas on my nails in purple pen. It looked like chipped nail polish from far away, and no one ever looks at your nails anyway."


    7. This genius wrote the quiz answers on a stick of gum:

    "I'm not proud of this, but I always forgot the vocabulary words on my Spanish quizzes. So, I'd write them on a stick of gum, which I'd take out during the exam. Afterward, I'd chew the gum to destroy the evidence."


    8. This person had a simple, but effective way of hiding a cheat sheet:

    "I wrote answers on a really small piece of paper. Then, I rolled it up and put it in the lead compartment of my mechanical pencil to take out during my final."


    9. This person gave a new meaning to "sneakers":

    "I've always been awful at math, I would write as many formulas as possible on the rubber siding of my sneakers. During exams, I'd sit with one leg crossed over the other so I could easily read the notes. To this day, no one ever suspected a thing."


    10. This person accessorized AND cheated at the same time:

    "When I was in school, I tested horribly so I'd write keywords for exams on my wrist and wear a bunch of bracelets to cover them up."


    11. This person used their Starbucks coffee cup to caffeinate AND get a high score:

    "I wrote the test answers on my Starbucks coffee cup and used the brown cup sleeve to cover it up. I kept it on my desk and the professor was clueless."


    12. This person just had a perfectly placed tattoo:

    "I have a tattoo on my wrist and I would write formulas and the names of things in between the lettering. No one ever noticed."


    13. This person actually ate paper to get rid of the evidence:

    "Someone in my chemistry class printed out the periodic table, cut out each individual element, and put the little pieces of paper in his pocket for our quiz. He pulled out one element at a time, wrote down the information, and ate the paper to get rid of the evidence."


    14. This person invented a whole new language:

    "I created my own alphabet and memorized it. I'd write the symbols on my hands, legs, or loose paper to sneak peeks at during exams. It looked like gibberish, but only I knew what it meant."


    15. This person turned her skin condition into a foolproof plan:

    "I had dermatographia, a skin condition where any pressure against my skin would cause the area to become red and inflamed. The inflammation would disappear within 20 minutes. For Latin tests, I would write notes on my thighs with a pen cap, and it'd be easy to read if I just pulled up my skirt. The best part was that if I ever got caught, the words would disappear before I could ever get in trouble!"


    16. This girl used her bathroom trips to check her notes:

    "I would go to the bathroom and write some of my notes in small spots on the walls. It was unrecognizable because I used a lot of shorthand, so no one suspected anything."


    17. Finally, this person had the most mastermind method of all.

    "I cheated by memorizing information from textbooks."


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